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Why the Development of Android Applications Is Beneficial for Companies Looking for Growth and Visibility?

By | November 6, 2017

Recent statistics on online customer behavior have shown that using mobile apps to buy things and gathering data with great jumps has increased. Currently, brands receive orders through mobile applications, and customers can also stay interested through various ads and activities. The development of the Android mobile application is very popular today and companies also create custom mobile applications that solve customer issues and add value to their business. If you plan to take advantage of mobile device popularity through apps, Android must be at the top of your list.

Developing an Android application can be useful to your business if you are willing to reach the mass. The intelligent device and touch screen enabled The Google platform is used by over 80% of smartphones and 60% of tablets worldwide. So, it can be said that Android dominates the market with its strong presence. Because the devices running on Android are available at incredible prices, they are the first option for users. In fact, it is reasonable to make a business application for Android for the leading digital market.

Ideal to communicate with customers:
Each channel that is being adopted to reach the products or services must be open and easy. If users are to purchase devices that are very expensive, the goals of your business will not be met. With features and regular updates, today’s smartphones offer advanced computer features and can match any laptop or desktop computer in terms of usability. Because mobile Android device users have large numbers, business owners can often focus on the big market by making commercial applications.

Without investing in development tools:
Android has low entry costs, as it provides free software development kits for the developer community, reducing the cost of development and licensing. The same goes for the various tools and technologies that are open source and available free of charge. Developers are not allowed to charge for the tools offered by Google because they are available for free.

BYOD preference:
Android owns over 83% of the market share and this is quite clear. For organizations that use BYOD policies, it’s feasible that they choose Android as their business development development platform because it is available to a wide range of devices and businesses can target users from all economic groups. And BYOD environments generally also require more security and the Android platform offers high security features, allowing users to share information and perform transactions without any problems.

Smart work:
With the development of Android applications, you can always use the flexibility and power of the platform to make the best productivity applications of its kind. Android offers more customization options based on the specific needs of the company and also on changing market trends. Developers can easily customize existing applications and add more features and functionality to make them more contemporary. Android is the best mobile platform between process architecture and applications.


Free options to choose distribution channels:
Google offers the freedom to distribute your applications from any media of your choice. There are no strict rules for you to place your application on Google Play for distribution. You can distribute it alone or use other advertising platforms for distribution. If you want to create an internal commercial operation and do not want to start the application in the store, you have complete freedom to do so and Android offers you this opportunity. Depending on your promotion strategy, you can now easily reach your end users through different channels.

Simple adoption:
Trends in the design of mobile applications evolve and this requires that your application is constantly updated. This can only be done by experienced developers of Android applications. Android applications are scripts in Java language, along with the help of rich libraries. So anyone who has knowledge of Java can work on it. In general, Java programmers find it easy to use and develop scripting codes for mobile applications. In case of failures or errors, any developer of Java programming can easily solve the errors of the Android application.

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