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What to Do When Hiring a Web Application Development Company?

By | August 7, 2017

When it comes to coding a web application, quality is paramount.
Beware of sloppy programmers

It’s important to know that not all programmers know how to write good code. . . And not all developers follow the same coding guidelines and guidelines.
Some inexperienced programmers write sloppy and disorganized code, with no regard for future growth. This makes it very difficult for other programmers to work on the project.

In most professions if health and consumer rights are aware, there are regulations in place and required permits from a government agency to allow a person or company to bag. Unfortunately, in the world of programming anyone with a little is programming knowledge to start their development company or an independent contractor who does not require a license.

In addition to sloppy coding practices, there are many offshore web developers and independent web developers who can not follow the same ethical standards that a US company must follow legal level.


An impressive degree does not always match the quality programming skills.

If someone has a master’s degree that does not mean that he is a great programmer. Someone may be smart book, but they do not know how to correct code. I programmers with bachelor’s degrees and masters in programming see, can not meet the new and complex world of development today.
Find a clean, consistent written code.
Two programmers can achieve the same result, one with 10 lines of code and one just three lines of code.

An SQL query can be written so poorly that you can stop the SQL Server software or the database server CPU after five concurrent connections. A good database programmer can write a SQL query that will produce the same result, and SQL Server 100 can handle simultaneous and seamless database connections on the server.
It is true that there will always be a learning curve for a programmer to study and become familiar with another programmer’s code, but if the code is clean and consistent use of comments and there are some basic coding guidelines and structures in use. There should be no problem with another experienced programmer to introduce and edit a well-constructed and structured web application.

Follow the coding standards of the development company and use a framework?
Web application environments are an organization coding system allows programmers and designers to easily work on the same project. This structured system uses reusable libraries, components and tools to promote better code maintenance and future growth.

Comentum example, when using a structured web application framework and propose the coding standards that every programmer follows on the computer. This means that all our programmers can easily understand and follow. It is so perfect that the computer does not know what the programmer wrote a feature, since they all follow the same guidelines and coding standards. When we add a programmer, he / she can skip and start editing or updating another programmer’s codes.


What are the good questions do you need to ask a prospective web development company?

  • Will I own the final code of the program?
    • Can I send the final program code to another company for future development and expansion issues?
    • Is the code delivered with the right documentation of migration and scalability?
    • Was there a copyright issue, like a code written by someone else?
    • Are there any comments in the code that are used to facilitate the migration and readability of another developer?
    • Are there guidelines and coding conventions?
    If so, ask for encoding guidelines and documentation conventions.
    • Did they use a framework of structured and web applications?

If so, request additional information about the program libraries, tools and frame type. Ask to see a sample folder structure programming project files. This should show how useful it would be organized and programming for other programmers. Make sure the file structure matches a live project. You do not want to see a fake structure of files and folders.

  • Did they use the MVC architecture? This helps programmers and designers, on the other hand, they work on a project (designers do not need programming knowledge when using the MVC architecture).
    • What quality assurance testing is in place and what methods are used for testing and repairing errors?
    • What security tests and methods are used to find and resolve vulnerabilities?
    • What kind of stress tests and methods are used to monitor the scalability and tolerance of space for growth?

    The above questions are just a few important considerations in hiring a good development of the company.

Since many of these questions are very technical, it’s a good idea to hire an independent advisor to evaluate and ask these questions for you, and the responses and supporting documents evaluated by the developer.

Comentum your good luck and success in your next web application project.

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