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What is the latest version of iOS?

By | July 31, 2017

The current software announced on iPads and iPhones iOS 10. 10 was first announced on WWDC 2016 in San Francisco on June 13, 2016 and then released to the public on September 13th. It’s a free upgrade for owners of the iPhone 5 and above, iPad mini 2 and higher and iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Pro models.

While Apple tends to be deeply reforming its iPhone and iPad operating system once a year with new features, the company does not focus your attention on the next major version (although it is likely to work hard on the new features of IOS 11 – read about it here). Instead, the company regularly updates the current operating system throughout the year, adding new features and improvements, as well as troubleshooting and security issues when they occur.

This article describes the latest updates of iOS 10 to be investigated and run through the new features that come with each of these updates. Also detailed the new features come to iOS 10, according to the latest beta versions of the software.

We also describe some of the best features of iOS 10 for more information about iOS Application 10 Read our full review here: iOS 10 review. You can also enjoy reading our tips for iOS.

What is the latest version of iOS?

The latest version of the iPhone and iPad iOS operating system is iOS 10, although there have been some upgrades since its launch in September 2016, the current version is 10.3.1 iOS.

IOS 10 has been popular since launch. As of January 4, 2017, less than four months after the release of iOS 10 Apple reported that 76 percent of iOS-enabled devices running on version 10 were 18 percent in iOS 9 and only 6 percent iOS 8 or earlier.
You can check if your iPhone iOS 10 can run here: read Can my iOS, iOS or iPod touch get 10?

IOS 10.1
Apple iOS 10.1 to the public on Monday, October 24, 2016. The update purchased a new feature on the iPhone Dual Camera called “portrait mode”.
What is portrait mode? In essence, the iPhone uses the few rear-facing cameras to analyze the photo and the background blurred, allowing users with a picture similar to something made with the digital SLR. Although the feature is still in beta testing despite being released to the public, the feature offers impressive results. You can take a look at some below, or go to our article here: How to use portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus

IOS 10.2
Apple iOS 10.2 on Monday, December 12, 2016. The biggest change was only for EE. UU :. New TV application, aimed at uniting their TV and movies in various applications. However, even if you are out of the US, there are some updates worth mentioning.




Emoji has been redesigned to be more detailed, and over 100 new emoji have been added to the collection, so ending up in your friends can shake it on your iPhone if needed.

There is also a new tool to keep your camera settings, so you should not restart every time you open the application, along with some of the new wallpapers and message effects in full screen along with some other settings Children:

  • Application videos widget
    • Be able to hold the “hold to talk” menu in Settings for accessible home button
    • The option of “show star numbers under music parameters
    • Provide the ability to sort Apple Music lists by title, type, and newly added
    • View a preview screen of Siri

It could be considered a minor update, but iOS 10.2.1, issued on January 23, 2017, is an essential download. The new iOS update addresses a series of potentially devastating security holes, including two cases where a malicious application could gain complete control over your device. Our advice: update immediately.

IOS 10.3

IOS 10.3 became available for download on March 27, 2017. It was a good upgrade with many new features. A new feature in particular means that the entire file structure of your iOS device in a new system, so before IOS 10.3 download and install, it is advisable your iPhone or iPad for backup or … risk of losing all your data.
The good news is that if you do not have the space, the upgrade will in fact lead to the release of your stores – we have recovered a few gigabytes. For the update that 1.97GB available in our iPhone 16GB and after 3.22GB available. Great job, Apple!

The reason for the storage miracle that the latest iOS update 10 changes the basic file structure of your iOS device from the HFS + -bestandformaat to the new Apple file.
The change to Apple’s file system is a good move by Apple, as better encryption improves time stamping, storage enhancements and optimizations, and more features.
Apple HFS + file system and are not supported, however, so when the phone or tablet is updated to iOS, they will convert each file to the new format. And if you are moving to Apple’s file system, you won “I can not go back to HFS + without completely reformatting the iPad or iPhone.” This also means that if something goes wrong in the upgrade process, you could potentially lose all your data!
There are many other new features that came to IOS 10.3, apart from updating the file. New features include:

Find my AirPods: This new feature will help you get together with your iPhone with 7 wireless headphones.

Siri: There are also Siri and Sirikit Upgrades, so Siri can now reveal international cricket matches and allow you to pay bills, plan trips with Uber and lift, and check the status of payment and more.

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App Store: There are some changes to the app store. Developers can now respond to publications publications, and it is now possible to mention comments as useful or useless.

ITunes rental: It is now possible to watch rented movies on all devices, rather than adhere to the one you rented. Ideal if you rent a movie to watch on your iPad while traveling and ends up watching it on the Apple TV, so it was not possible without the movie to hire a second time.

Speed ​​improvements: Another advantage of the updated IOS 10.3 is that it can really speed up your iPhone. This is due to the fact that Apple has made some changes to the animations that can be heard on your iPhone while the operating system is moving.


Also new in iOS 10.3 widgets for the Podcasts app preference Reduce movement in Safari shortcuts carplay apply the new system APFS files Apple, hourly weather forecasts Maps using 3D Touch and abstract color iCloud storage.

One of the other additions to Apple iOS 10.3 expects to enter an opt-in system for collecting user data to improve a variety of services, especially Siri. Apple stressed that all data is secure and anonymous “techniques of preserving privacy”, and users who decide to choose to enter may change his mind at any time. “And share” iCloud Analytics “. The goal is probably to improve Siri speech recognition, and the quality of their predictions and suggestions.

There is also a new way of theater in the Apple Watch will stop the clock when shines lift the wrist into the movie.

Prior to launch, there are some rumors that this way of theater is appropriate for the iPhone that would optimize the video settings to watch movies on an iPhone or iPad. It seems that the update is only for the clock.

Apple has said that iOS 10.3 contains an error that can affect a small number of iCloud users. The error again by mistake enables iCloud services that were previously disabled but the solution is simple: go to the iCloud menu in the Settings app and disable all unwanted services.

10.3.1 iOS
Shortly after the first release of iOS 10.3, 10.3.1 Apple iOS – but why? According to Apple’s release notes for the update, bug fixes and enhances device security. More specifically, the update fixes a bug that an attacker to execute arbitrary code within the range of Wi-Fi on the Wi-Fi chip your iOS device and it is recommended that all users upgrade to 10.3 to 10.3.1.

10.3.2 iOS

IOS 10.3.2 contains a small correction command Sirikit car, but brings some bug fixes, enhanced security and other improvements to the operating system.
Apple describes the fixes provided by the security update on this page, but indicates that “does not reveal or discuss or confirm security issues until an investigation has been completed and is available patches or versions.”

Unfortunately, iOS 10.3.2 also found that some iPhone batteries have caused faster users to tap.

A thread on Apple’s discussion boards shows that iOS update 10.3.2 discharges the battery. 171 people say they have the same problem.
In response to the publication, Apple recommends people to read an article on your own site that explains how to maximize performance (the first suggestion is “an upgrade to the latest software”).

We have our own article with recommendations to improve the battery here: How to improve battery life iPhone and iPad.

According to a Forbes report, other iPhone users found that iOS 10.3.2 update improves battery life.

IOS 10.4
We do not know when Apple will release iOS 10.4 before launching iOS 11 in the fall. However, the company tends to post updates throughout the year, and they are usually published in beta form for general publication.
To receive and install the beta versions of iOS, you must register Apple in the beta application. See how to get iOS beta versions in our guide on how to install the iOS beta.

Thinking of buying a new iPhone to run the latest version of iOS?

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