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What is the iphone wiki?

By | July 17, 2017

The iPhone is based on Apple iOS smartphone. The iPhone was announced for the first time on January 29, 2007, with a release date of June 29, 2007.
Apple’s first smartphone, and all the following models, use the iOS operating system. Originally released on the Cingular Wireless Network – later becoming a part of AT & T – the iPhone did not appear in another four-year network due to an exclusivity agreement. The iPhone is now available on AT & T, Verizon and Sprint. On July 11, 2008, Apple launched the App Store on your iOS platform. IPhone 7 / 7+ are the latest models.
From the original iPhone, Apple has introduced a new device model every year.

Edit iPhone 7 and 7+
Announced on September 7, 2016, the iPhone 7/7 will be released September 16, 2016. The iPhone 7 has a price of $ 649, while 7 Plus starts at $ 749. These update models feature a number of new features including Another) a new color palette and casing design, a completely new camera, and improved battery and power performance.

• 32GB, 128GB, 256GB
• HD Retina Display 4.7 ”
• Cinema standard color range
• 12 megapixel camera
• 7 megapixel camera FrontFacing
• Dual telephoto camera (for iPhone 7+ only)
• Optical Image Stabilization
• New button “Taptic” activated feedback
• Waterproof and dustproof
• Two stereo speakers
• A10 processor chip fusion (40% faster than the A9 6s / 6s +)
• New black matte finish / Jet Black
Welcome to iPhoneDevWiki

Our goal is to share the sum of all human knowledge about the development of iOS jailbreak. In other words, it’s a collection of documentation written by developers writing extensions (settings) for iOS jailbreak, and you’re invited to learn and contribute to it too.


What is the iphone wiki?
Information about the use of iOS frames (public and private), Trampoline, system daemons (for hook and hacking) and classes of applications that are included with the system.

• Information about libraries and extensions of third party developers (Action menu, applist, Flipswitch, support icon, libactivator, libhide, libobjcipc, libstatusbar, PreferenceLoader, Rocket start files, etc.).

• Open source project lists, reverse engineering tools, tips for new developers, blogs in development and other useful information for developers.

• Documentation about creating preferences for extensions: PreferenceLoader, PreferenceBundles, listp Preferences specifier, Preferences.framework.

• Anything in the development of iOS devices with jailbreak. (For more technical information on IOS, see the iPhone Wiki, which includes such themes as iOS jailbreak exploits, internal systems and iOS hardware details. “Up-to-date” is the website for more on IOS detection).



If you want to create or improve an existing article, see Help: Tips Editing (and see #Editar this wiki for ideas). Items that require work: Packaging (tools, tips checking files, troubleshooting dpkg-deb), Next Steps After starting (a set of ideas for tutorials that could write), edit this page and add your idea here.

• If you do not help at all, do not hesitate to do this!

• An account is required to edit pages, but anyone can create an account. If you have problems with the process of creating the account, or if you have questions about editing the wiki, ask for help at ##Editing this wiki (see IRC).

Some ideas for providing information:
• Add more projects to the list of open source projects, or fill in the data of that page.

• Enhancement Introducing new developers what they need to know before you start? How to set up a development environment in OS X, Windows, and Linux? What are the common mistakes that should be considered by beginners? How can engineer share iOS return to write the settings? How to debug with GDB and learn about memory management?

Update items that have not changed significantly in a few years, as a safety belt and crack prevention. See Special: Ancientpages for a list of items that have not recently been updated.

• Help CyScript explain why Cycript is fun: syntax highlighting, injection, auto completion, generally exploring around.
• Document a page of a class or family framework that you are familiar with.

• If you have a library that other developers can use or write plugins / developed add-ons / extensions, create a page of your project.

• Update Xcode to better inform about creating applications for jailbroken devices.

• Make your home page more useful! For example, add links to a good page that hidden / buried deep in the wiki.

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