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What brings iOS 10 to application developers?

By | August 30, 2017

Announced at the WWDC 2016 IOS 10 introduced numerous changes for developers, the most important revolution since 2013. The SDK for iOS brings 10 new APIs and services into this new types and functions of results application. To work on IOS 10, you should use programming using Swift 3 and 8 download Xcode for building iOS applications. Let’s focus on the most important related features introduced in iOS 10.



Improved user notifications

IOS 10 marks the arrival of the User Notification Framework (UserNotifications.framework) and the UI Notifications User Interface and terminates the UILocalNotification. The user messaging framework helps to support and manage external and local notifications. Developers can use frame frames to change external and local notifications as provided on the device. The appearance of local and external notifications can be adjusted through the user messaging user interface. Using these two frameworks, Apple did not change global local notifications, but rather improvised its functionalities significantly.

The biggest change with the new notifications system is that a broker takes a registry service provider between the screen of the arrival and the device of a message that can be obtained ended breaker scripted App receive encrypted message from Apple, decryption display in the user device, and the message in the report center.


Improved IMessage
There are a lot of APIs introduced in iOS 10, especially improvements to the application of messages. Application extensions can communicate with the message application and users can send multimedia files, interactive messages and stickers. The sticker pack brings a number of stickers to the message content. The iMessage application helps users not only search for images, but also a user interface in the application.


From a development perspective, the custom interface for messages created using MSMessagesAppViewController. MSSession and MSMessage can help modify the message, with the support of previous embedded messaging. To provide a custom tag browser for the messaging application, MSStickerBrowserViewController can be used.


As witnesses, new and improved messaging extensions are better and more powerful.
Changes in animations
In iOS 10, better control over animations has been established. The ability to check animation features such as CV, stop or positions are fine-grained in iOS 10. UIViewPropertyAnimator is the important class that helps to create and activate animations.


Speech recognition
A new API will be introduced that supports continuous rate recognition. This helps developers create new applications to recognize speech and convert them to text. Most of the magic is done using APIs in the Speech Framework, especially in classes like SFSpeechRecognizer, SFSpeechURLRecognitionRequest, SFTranscription, etc.



Integration with Siri
It integrates with Siri for most applications, such as messages, calls, payments, photos, etc. Via iOS 10, users can use their voice to perform actions and all of this is achieved using Sirikit. Affected domains must be registered with the response that has been made.

For non-graphic purposes, developers must use Apple Maps, while for Graphic Intentions also known as Intents UI extensions, developers can expand the user interface for interface design.

ReplayKit improves
iOS 10 has purchased new enhancements for the ReplayKit introduced in iOS 9. Introducing streaming live Replaykit streams, which means that a user can stream the media through other sites or applications and spread the U.S. extension? Which helps the user to start a service and set up a broadcast? Developers must create RPBroadcastActivityViewController to allow users to choose the streaming service they would like to use. The action will restore RPBroadcastController, which begins to stop live broadcasts.

There are other minor improvements and some of them are
1. Activate the Safari content blockers property to verify that the user has enabled the content blocker.
2. The UIApplication openURL () method is now considered outdated. The application (_: open: options 🙂 must be used instead.
3. New established feature enabled for UIPasterboard to handle the cross-platform clipboard between iOS and macOS.
4. The SKTileGroup class is provided to SpriteKit to create square, hexagonal or isometric schedules.
5. For a smoother scrolling, prefetchDataSource can load the content.
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