Should Tik Tok be banned in India or not give your opinion

Tik Tok should be Ban in India - Public Demand
Tik Tok should be Ban in India – Public Demand

TikTok is a very popular app that allows you to share small videos. As of April end, it had over 2 billion users worldwide. Many countries consider this app of Chinese company Byte Dance a threat to privacy. Tik Tok Ban in India. There is a different reason for its opposition in India. A section of Twitter users has been continuously demanding a ban on it. The latest reason is a video promoting acid attack on girls. The video went viral on TikTok as well as Twitter. #BanTikToklnlndia has been trending on Twitter since Monday. The case has increased so much that the National Commission for Women (NCW) has written a letter to TikTok.
There has been a lot of ruckus on videos.

Not long ago when some users on TikTok were spreading rumors about Corona. By showing the identity of a particular religion, it was being claimed that they do not face any threat from Corona. Even then there was a good atmosphere against TikTok. In the present case, a boy and a girl are promoting an acid attack. Not only this, a TikTok video promoting rape culture is going viral. TikTok has also been accused of censoring content against China. Some also allege that ‘Love Jihad’ is being promoted in India through TikTok.

From Shahrukh, Salman to Virat, these are the stars of stars on Tiktok
Tiktok is one of the most popular apps at the moment. Many people here have created a different identity with their unique videos. There are many people who look exactly like Bollywood celebrities. These include the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Ajay Devgan, Sunil Shetty to Virat Kohli. Seeing their acting in the video, you won’t be sure once. Watch the video and then tell your opinion in the comment …

What users said on #BanTikToklnlndia

India’s Twitter users have launched a campaign against TikTok. The app’s rating on Google Play Store was 3.7 on Monday, which came down to 2 by Tuesday morning. People are being appealed to uninstall the app and demand a ban. Some videos which people have objected to, are being appealed to the government to share it and ban it in India. See what users are saying. Tik Tok Ban in India

Tik Tok should be Ban in India - Public Demand
Tik Tok should be Ban in India – Public Demand

NCW wants action

NCW Chief Rekha Sharma said, “I have received information from a social media post, in which a man, named Faizal Siddiqui. Has posted a video that glorified the acid attack. Taking cognizance of the case I have written a letter to the Director General of Police in Maharashtra demanding action on that person. ” He said, “The commission has also written a complaint to Tiktok India complaint officer Anuj Bhatia to immediately remove the video, as well as to block the ID of the person.” Sharma said, “The video has been removed after the letter was written to Ticketcock, but I wish such people do not find a place to promote crime against women on any social media platform.” Tik Tok Ban in India

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