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The number one mind changes needed to build a successful business

By | September 12, 2017

I was not excited about owning a company. In fact, I do not remember being called. The highest achievement my parents expected was going to college and having a good job for someone else. Imagine when my father, on his deathbed, convinced the family to form a family business. That was very sad. Even sadder was the realization that he was out of time to influence such a change.


In conversations with my mother later, I discovered that Dad had done several times several times. An alcohol abuse that he recovered, he wanted the young people he met on the street and gave them something more than to pursue the next drink or his next appointment. The job was for him and he thought he would do the same for them.
Unfortunately, this did not work. What was wrong?


One of my favorite Christmas classics is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. If you have not seen it, I encourage Google to see it. The message is clear. How you treat people comes back to you. What, however, I had to learn, as a connected heart, the entrepreneur became a business owner, unable to make business decisions based on pure excitement.



There must be an intention, a final game about which you must be clear.
Even the Queen of Speech allows her to make a series of emotional mistakes in the early years of her show. One compelling example he shared with graduate students at Stanford University was when he had a man, his wife, and his girlfriend on his show. I wanted to take them, but the man had another. He announced that his girlfriend was pregnant with his son to the surprise of everyone, including his wife.

Although the consequences for you may not be so annoying, it is so important to the success of your business that you evaluate your intentions and eliminate everything you have. My father did not do that. If I had, I would have learned that for many alcoholics and addicts, having money is a trigger. If his intention was to give his greatest expectation, this was not the way to do it.

Passion will inspire you to follow the corporate spirit, but it is not enough to build a business. If you want to change your passion for profit, you have to change the idea of ​​what will help you make a profit. I know where it is. When the decisions you make, the people you associate with and the processes you adopt with your intention, your success is about to become a reality.


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