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The New Safe iPhone Application for iPhone Torments the Graphics

By | January 29, 2018

The increasing popularity of Apple’s iPhone is a phenomenon in its own competition. Apple has done an incredible job of bringing to the market its technological magic that is the iPhone.


Although they only have a 2% market share by sales volume, they have a market share of 30% of the profits in the mobile phone market. This is because the iPhone has an incredibly valuable experience.
And there’s no reason to dispute it: it’s an advanced, easy-to-use communication technology that simply does what you want it to do, whether it’s talking on the phone, surfing the Internet on the move or as a mobile computer, running a range of applications of software.


The only problem is that, along with the much needed mobile phones with many functions, it has a very high price if you have to replace it. Certainly, many people get it for a lower price or even for free with a new contract with their network provider. But the replacement value in the UK is £ 550 for the iPhone 3G-S and £ 350 for the iPhone 3G, while in the US. UU The iPhone 3G-S is $ 600 and the iPhone 3G is $ 450 to $ 500.


Now, considering the high speed of iPhone theft and the possibility of accidentally damaging your iPhone, these are not costs you want to expose. According to Continental Research, 1.3 million phones are stolen each year, and more than 2 million phones are damaged each year.

This is the reason why the demand for an iPhone insurance is high. Until recently, options in the US UU They were very limited. In the UK there are some specialized iPhone insurance providers where you can get good coverage.
Now, in an excellent example of the use of technology itself, an iPhone application has been created that allows users to find coupons and hidden codes to obtain a discount when requesting an iPhone insurance.
This iPhone insurance application is a remarkably simple tool: all you have to do is enter your name, country and email address (they will send you the direct link to the discount website below) and you will get instant access to the website. low cost of iPhone insurance.

This application, called “Insure Me” in Apple App Store, is very popular. It’s free to download and install on your iPhone and it takes about 3 minutes to configure and use it.


iPhone insurance application to save money
Apple’s app store is a phenomenon in itself. There are now more than 100,000 applications in the store: more than 100,000 software applications available to everyone and anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch.
And the number increases every day, especially because the demand increases, because every day there are more iPhone users. Apple saw its iPhone sales reach almost 25 million units in 2009.

The iPhone is not a cheap mobile phone in itself. Certainly, many owners have obtained their new joy, either free or much less than the actual price, because they have signed a contract of 12, 18 or even 24 months with the provider of the telephone network. For this reason, the network provider reduces the costs of the iPhone for the user.
But if your iPhone is stolen or damaged, you must pay the full replacement value. Currently, this is £ 550 for the iPhone 3G-S and £ 350 for the iPhone 3G in the UK, while in the US. UU The iPhone 3G-S is $ 600 and the iPhone 3G is $ 450 to $ 500.


So you can see why the demand for iPhone insurance is so high. You really do not want to pay that much money if your iPhone is stolen or damaged. But in line with the cost of the phone and the unfortunate high number of fraudulent insurance claims on the iPhone, insurance premiums are higher than for other mobile phones.
In a strange twist of the use of iPhone technology itself to help in this situation, an iPhone application called “Insure Me” was created that looks for secret discount codes and links that would not otherwise be available on the Internet. Users of this application of the free iPhone Insurance application enter their name, country and email address (the secret link will be sent to them by email) and then they can save money on their iPhone insurance.
This is just a sample of the range of applications that are now available in the Apple App Store.

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