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6 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Mobile Application

The steady growth of mobile application development platforms has helped simplify the entire process of building applications. With advanced methods, simpler plug-ins and intuitive platforms, almost everyone can now create their own mobile application. However, the development of a very useful and beloved application is a completely different ball game.… Read More

Developer against platform line for SDK

“Do not you think you need some kind of resources to enable people to use third party applications that will run on the iPod, it would be hugely popular to write? “. And I pointed out that it would turn a music player’s iPod into a “platform” – something that… Read More

The guide for more complete prototyping mobile app Idea

Prototyping of mobile applications is the procedure describing the workflow application interactively. You can slide, click and drag and then present it as a demonstration of applications or proof of concept application. There are several mobile application designers that merge with prototypes and wireframes and find one and the same… Read More

Why do we need a mobile app?

Mobile applications are not just for big organizations; today, many small and medium businesses have their own mobile applications. The emerging trend of mobile technology includes more than having a mobile website. The combination of mobile applications and business will be the best marketing tool. These days, you can deal… Read More

iOS 10, How it changed everything?

Ten years ago, today the first iPhone stores in the us. On paper was nothing special device: lacked 3G connectivity that was everywhere in the world standard, battery was a day and resolution of; the camera was only two megapixels. It also came with an eye-watering price tag of $… Read More

How Can RIM Desktop Manager BlackBerry Application Update?

Download the latest BlackBerry version of RIM Desktop Manager. Before you begin upgrading or installing new applications on your BlackBerry, you want to make sure that you are running the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. If you do not already have your PC software, you can retrieve it… Read More

There is a huge price to pay to not bore the iPhone 8

Some people labeled the iPhone 7 as “boring” as soon as it became clear that the design would be almost identical to the previous version despite being not a model “S”. But the device is anything but boring, and only a few other phones are able to offer an experience… Read More

Secure Your Application Development like Your Own House

An easy way to see the security of web applications development is to imagine your own home. It has a front door, rear side windows, a number of rooms, shelter, fences and various paths. Only the terminology is different. The front door: The gateway of a web application is the… Read More

Apple is working secretly on IA chips for the next iPhone?

Creating wonders for artificial intelligence and the enthusiasm of people has never been an easy task, but it has always been a true Apple Inc. as well has been there. The virtual assistant company for smartphones, commonly known as Siri was the first of its kind to bring artificial intelligence… Read More