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Smart Guidelines to Make Sure Your App is Well Built for iOS 11

By | August 30, 2017

With Apple missing its iOS 11 media this year, there were some changes to the platform that unleashed the minds of developers and app owners. How an existing application upgrade or build an impromptu application that is so functional and efficient in iOS 11, became its first concern. For those who have applications and want to work seriously on the new version of iOS, the following elements will serve as headaches.


Use the innovative ARKit
While ARKit could be the most trendsetting feature that Apple launches in the new version of the operating system, it will be a predominant tool for the development of advanced applications for developers or marketers. With ARKit, developers can now use camera and sensor functions on iOS 11 devices to create enhanced Reality Applications (AR). Unlike VR or Virtual Reality, AR is the enhanced technology that allows the projection of digital interfaces to the real world. More precisely, this sliding track SDK in the new iOS update is a major impetus for application companies to use augmented reality tools in their applications in ways they deem appropriate and provide more user experience.


Get ready for mobile payments
Developers must get NFC chip released with iOS 11 update. It is a major chip built to facilitate wireless transmissions or interactions with mobile payment devices within a certain neighborhood. Although payments were only available through Apple Pay, this chip can now be used by developers and applications to offer promotions and discounts to customers who live nearby. The new iOS version also added a significant update to Siri, allowing developers to now use SiriKit to deploy voice control features so users can complete their mobile transactions.


Customize the improvisation listing strategy in the updated app store
The latest version has redesigned the entire App Store to give it a more subtle and refreshing look. New changes are made to both the title and subtitles, which now support up to 30 characters. Descriptions from now on can not be edited at any time, but only when a new version is sent. However, a new field of promotional text that allows companies to advertise their discounts, offers, weather events or advertisements. In addition, you can now include three short previews, in-app purchases, and large subscriptions on the same application page. So it’s high time for app owners to share their marketing approach to index their app on the App Store in a lucrative way.

Use the indoor navigation function
As the Apple card is ready for indoor navigation, which offers detailed views of malls, major environments and airports with this new update, companies can complete their applications to increase traffic. It can be a great game changer for stores and office applications in these large centers. They can easily drag more customers because more people know their exact location and easily reach by following the map routes.

Last thought
Undoubtedly, this latest update on the iPhone and iPad operating system offers new opportunities for application owners, such as Augmented Reality, interior maps, voice engagements and more. Scheduled for iPhone and iPad devices this fall, iOS 11 will lead to some major changes for app developers, their services / products and marketing approaches.

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