9 Proven Ways to Make Money Online Small Investment Idea

Are you looking for the best ways to make money online small investment top idea?


Today in this post, I am going to show you some ways to make money with a small investment idea online because I have seen many beginners who want to make money online, but could not find a better way to make a small investment online and not even Know ways to earn money in your free time.

Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore? Let’s take a look and learn ways to earn money online, investing little in your spare time.


Days Blogging is now a great way to make money online with a little investment idea and it only takes a few minutes to set up your own blog. You just need a domain and blogging platform to start your own blog. After purchasing a domain name and hosting for your blog, you just need to start writing content for your blog. Always keep in mind creating content that people love and are interested in learning and sharing with their friends. For example, if you have a background in Marketing and SEO, you can use your knowledge to write content for your blog and help people interested in learning the basics of Marketing and SEO. Also, be sure to write content that is popular and has adequate search per month on search engines. Now you have the basics of blogging and now I will show you the best blogging platforms you can use to create your own blog.

The best blogging platforms

There are many blogging platforms available on the web today, but I will show you the best and most widely used blogging platforms based on their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look there.


WordPress is the easiest way to start your own blog and is also used primarily by all bloggers available on the web. you just need to put your domain, choose your theme and plan and now you are ready to build your future.

Who is WordPress best for?

➤ Hobby Bloggers

➤ People who want to start their blog with a small investment idea.

➤ Professional bloggers

Pros cons

➤ Simple to use.

➤ Start in minutes.

➤ You can use it with only 0 $.

➤ Most bloggers use WordPress for their blog.

➤ A couple of themes available to choose from.


Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms used by bloggers. Currently, it is owned and managed by Google and, like WordPress, it is a great platform for bloggers. Blogger takes care of all the technical issues and helps you focus on writing content.

Who is Blogger best for?

➤ Hobby Bloggers

➤ For personal blogs

Pros cons

➤ Easy to use for beginners.

➤ Simple interface for content creation.

➤ Operated by Google

➤ It is a bit outdated compared to modern blogging platforms like WordPress.

➤ There are no external plugins available.

Independent works

Freelancing is another way to make money online, investing shortly after blogging. you just need a skill or services to offer others to earn money on freelance jobs. You can work as a graphic designer, content writer, web developer or depending on your ability. Freelancers can earn up to $ 100-500 per day, depending on their skills and ability to work. For example, if you are passionate about writing content, you can offer your skills to others and raise money for the services you provided. Also, self-employment is best for people who love working from home and students who want to work part-time from home. There are many platforms available where you can be listed to work and get orders easily.

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Micro Jobs Online

Online micro jobs are generally referred to as small jobs where you must perform a small task, such as checking a website or app, solving some scheduling issues, Googling something, and giving feedback on a product or service.

You will be paid based on the task you did to earn money online small investment idea. You can expect around 5 cents to $ 1 for doing a small task depending on your country. At Online Micro Jobs I didn’t want to go anywhere to work and there is no pressure for me to work for a fixed period of time.

You just need a personal computer and an internet connection that works in your home to start working on micro online work platforms. There are many platforms available to do micro jobs. I made a list of some popular online micro-employment platforms.

Online survey jobs

Online Survey Jobs is another great way to earn money online with a little investment idea. In this, companies will pay you for sharing your valuable opinion regarding a product or service. It helps them attract new customers to your business so they can increase their sales.

Multinational companies contract survey websites to conduct a survey on their products, and survey websites offer surveys to their users. To earn money online by investing little in survey jobs, you only need to provide your name, email and phone number to receive surveys in your mailbox.

But the problem is that there are thousands of websites on the web that offer survey jobs, but there are few websites that are genuine and pay their users to share their valuable opinions with them.

Online captcha resolution jobs

Captcha’s online resolution jobs are another better way to earn money online. If you love filling in data or doing data entry jobs, captcha resolution jobs are a great way to make money online. If you want to make money using captcha solving jobs then you must be familiar with captcha.

In Captcha to solve jobs, there are millions of companies available that will pay you to solve captchas, but if you want to join them, you must have write speed to solve captchas faster and it will also help you increase your profits.

you can solve around 1000 captcha in 1-2 hours and wait around $ 1-2 depending on your speed and if you can earn $ 10 per day you can easily earn around $ 300 per month.

There are thousands of websites on the web that will pay you to solve captcha, but there are few websites that are genuine. So I wrote an article for all my readers to help them find a reputable captcha resolution job website.

Writing works

If you love writing content, you can start writing online. Today, all websites on the Internet require content to update their websites. For this purpose, they hire online writers. It is a great opportunity for those who are passionate writers. You can expect around $ 5- $ 25 per item, depending on the length of the content and the quality of your content.

If you don’t have an idea for writing documents or don’t even know how to write great content, you can start practicing writing on anything, and when you’re good at writing, you can join various websites that will pay you for writing.

There are various websites on the web that will pay you for writing articles and I also made a list of genuine websites that will pay you for writing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money online small investment idea. In affiliate marketing, you must promote a product or service from a particular company and when you generate sales for them, they will pay you a commission.

There are several methods that you can use to promote your products, such as promoting products through your website or blog, promoting products through advertising, etc.

At Modern Times, there are dozens of websites that will pay you to promote your products and services, and most of them are eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap Deal, eBay and many other websites. Now I will show you some of the best affiliate programs that are popular and genuine.

Amazon associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketplace where online marketers and bloggers create their links and promote the products of their choice and earn commissions. It is a free and easy to use affiliate program. Join them for free today.

Flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart Affiliate Program is another great marketplace for website owners and bloggers to promote products and make money. You just have to place product banners on your website or blog and if someone clicks on the banner and makes a purchase, they will earn commissions. Join them for free today.


Clickbank is another great platform for those who want to earn money simply by promoting products and services. At Clickbank, you must promote digital products to earn commissions. Join them for free today.

Share a sale

Sharing a sale is another genuine platform for online marketers and bloggers to promote products on their website or blog and make easy commissions on every sale through their


If you have a blog or website with adequate traffic, start promoting products and make easy commissions. Join them for free today.

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Earn money with YouTube

Youtube is the largest video sharing website available on the web and is owned by Google. Most large companies spend money to advertise on YouTube. If you love making and sharing videos, you can join the YouTube Partner Program to earn money on YouTube.

You can create original content like tutorials, humor or anything you love and start sharing on youtube. After a time when your channel crosses over 10,000 views, you can join the YouTube partner program to start earning money.

If you were accepted into the YouTube partner program, you can start uploading more videos, and if people start watching them, you will start earning money.

Sell ​​photos online

If you love to click photos of nature, animals and other moments, you can earn money online by selling your photos to others. Most companies, websites, and bloggers need images for commercial use and are even ready to spend money to get quality images. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to turn your passion into a profession.

There are many websites available on the web that will help you sell your photos online and will charge some fees to include your photos on your website. You can expect around $ 5-10 depending on the quality of your photos.

The best websites to sell photos online


Photobucket is an online marketplace for photographers to sell their photos online and show their work to others. You can upload your images to Photobucket at no cost and then you can earn money when companies buy your photos.


Shutterstock is another great platform made for photographers to sell their masterpieces on the Internet. You just need to create an account on your website and then start uploading your work and the money will start flowing to your account as soon as you get Sales.



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