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Proof That Digital Really Works

By | March 12, 2018

We all have a fingerprint, no matter how much you spend online. Even if you have never been online, do not have e-mail or do not use social networks, you still have a fingerprint. Yes, the more you are online, the greater your exposure to a form of identity theft.

Here is something to think about. Is it safer to go to a store and use your credit / debit card personally, or is it safer to shop online with your credit / debit card? The answer and explanation are at the end of this article.

So, how do we protect ourselves while we are online?

Have a different password for every online account you have
Use a non-dictionary password, with capital letters, numbers, symbols of at least 12   characters
Use a password manager to keep track of all your passwords
Be careful with what you put on social networks
Keep the operating system of all your devices up to date (perform the updates)
Use internet security software for your PC
Use security software for your phones and tablets

When you bank or invest online, it would be useful to use what is called “Authorization of two factors”. This means that after entering your user name and password you will receive a text with an authorization number that you must enter to gain access.

Fingerprints, eye scans or other biometric data will soon be used as a login. These are getting better and more reliable, and we hope to see them soon in large-scale use.

Most infections or attacks come in via e-mail or infected applications that have been downloaded. Be very careful when you click on a link embedded in an e-mail. If possible, do not do this, go directly to that website. For example, you can receive an e-mail from your bank stating that your account statements are ready, do not click on the link and instead open the bank’s website directly from your browser.

Now the answer from above. In general, it is safer to buy online. The reason you enter your credit card numbers is encrypted to the credit card center. When you use your card in a store, you give it to a shop assistant, in some cases you lose sight of it. Online, the only human hands that touch your card are yours.

Always use a credit card if you shop online, never a bank card. You have more protection with a credit card.

We have security professional with years of experience in law enforcement and security. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Business and graduated cum laude. George owns three USA patents. With different blocking principles. This combination gives George and his company Locking Systems International Inc the unique ability to offer their customers the right security at an affordable price.

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