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iPhone X: How to Sell Your Previous Device in Preparation For The New Version of Apple

By | November 9, 2017

The iPhone X comes and if you can afford it, you have three options: go back in time and buy a bit of bitcoin; sell a kidney; or sell your current phone and hope you get a good price.

That third option is probably the best. But if you have not sold any phone that can be very difficult, maybe, people like to stick with their old model, “just in case”, and even if it simply accumulates in some drawer substance that is less stressful than having to exchange money on the Internet.

Good news that. In general, it is quite simple to sell a phone online these days. Comparison sites, such as selling my mobile allow you to place the many reselling sites against each other: currently it provides Mobile 2 pounds at £ 272 for iPhone 6s of 128 GB, while the money for your phone that the best price for Plus version of the same vintage: £ 276.

For those looking for a little more money, eBay is still the best place to exchange. Same phone to receive your £ 272 Phones 2 Pounds, sells for about £ 400 on the market – and the prices of defective or otherwise damaged phones are also pretty good, even broken and shattered phones costing more than 200 £.

It is also very popular. According to the company, “iPhone” has been the most popular search term for the entire site last year, with sales of more than £ 1 billion over the same period. The increase in buyers corresponds to the increase in sales, so do not expect much demand increases your income, but the liquid market means you are sure that it will sell.


The disadvantage is that eBay has a little more risk than commercial buyers. The anti-fraud mechanisms of the site are strongly tilted in favor of the buyer, so it is important to do things in the book if you are the victim of a scammer (or simply too demanding a buyer). That means everything is documented, the phone through a certified letter is published and supervises suspicious signals from buyers, such as requests to send to post office boxes or foreign payment methods. If you want to get the highest price, Sunday is the most popular time to look for a new phone, says eBay: make sure your auction ends that night.


Regardless of how you want to do it, it might be worth selling your phone a little, or a while later, the iPhone X will be off. A plentiful stock can lower prices because everyone is competing to update.


“After the launch of the iPhone 7 in September 2016, iPhone 6 and 6 declined on average by £ 43 or 13%,” said a Sell My Mobile sales representative. “We expected the same with this latest version, but the depreciation has not been as sharp as expected, we are writing this to people who hold onto their phones because the 8 have not been able to market and Apple fans are waiting How X stands out when launched later in the year.
“Phone buyers are smarter than ever when it comes to updating with so many options in the market, and mobile device providers should try harder to impress them.


Although the optimal time is over, there is still a lot of money to earn in Apple as in other phones, and the longer you wait, the less you will inevitably have. ”

It is not the case that you can pick up the £ 999 phone at the launch; the offer is expected to be very limited.

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