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iPhone 6 Additional Configuration Tips

By | October 30, 2017

Once your iPhone tells you it’s ready to continue, you’ll have some settings to make your iPhone smooth. Continued with the articles below:

1. Change your screen lock notifications
Slide the screen to the right from the lock screen and a new login panel appears. There you will find widgets that include information from your calendar, weather and information and nearby local transit news, including information. You want to scroll down to where it is Edit to select which widgets should be performed on your lock screen.

The information in regular notifications (calls, texts, etc.) is now deeper and interactive. Now you can read and reply to text messages, including tasks, even from the lock screen. This also means that these things are easier for another person who has access. If you want more privacy, change the amount of information displayed for each notification and if the application contains screen notifications in Settings> Notifications. There you can select settings for each application.

You can also limit what you can achieve when your phone is locked. Go to Settings> Touch ID & Password and you’ll see a list of allowed access when locked. Here you can activate and disable access to Today View (those Widgets), Notification View, Siri, Answer with Message, Home Control and Wallet. Home Control, a new feature in iOS 10, allows you to control devices like smart lights and other smart home devices. For each of these, you need to weigh your privacy at ease

2. Automatic updates of the application
Since Apple’s applications have been carefully selected to eliminate unwanted malware and spyware, there is no reason to manually update applications like on an Android phone. Therefore, Apple allows you to automatically update applications in the background, but you need to make some decisions. Go to Settings> Applications and iTunes Stores and enable Automatic downloads updates. If you have a small data plan, you must turn off the mobile data.

Go to Settings-General-Background App Refresh, it must be at the bottom of the first screen and select the applications you want to automatically update

3. Update the background application
iPhone can automatically update your applications in the background if they are not running. If your data plan is minimal, you can not automatically update your applications unless you actively use them. To disable the application update from the background, go to Settings> General> Update the background application (9 items deactivated) to enable or disable the application update in the background for all applications or access for each application request case by case

4.Wi-Fi or mobile application connectivity
You also have an option on how your applications connect to the internet if you are actively using them. Go to Settings> Mobile (4 items below) and scroll down to see a list of applications. If you enable an application, you can connect to a mobile connection, and disabling means that the application is only connected to Wi-Fi. For example, you do not want to start by watching a movie on Netflix if there is no Wi-Fi and recording your monthly data reimbursement in two hours.

Sometimes the wifi connection is not what it should be, at the bottom of the list, you can choose to have a Wi-Fi mobile connection for the applications you really need to access the Internet. If you have a limited data plan, you should be careful here. You can feel at home quickly with the data when you think you are only using Wi-Fi

5.Wi-Fi calls
If you receive an irregular reception at your home or another place you visit frequently, you want to activate Wi-Fi calls to make sure your calls are arriving. Go to Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi Calls. There you can choose to activate the function. You will be asked to enter your emergency address, the address where you use Wi-Fi calls

6.Configure identification of people
Among the innumerable new features of iOS 10 is the detection of photographic faces and the creation of a People album in Apple Photo App. Once you have updated your phone, go to the Photos application and touch the People folder. You can create folders for the faces you frequently photograph, and any subsequent photographs with that face will appear in the correct People folder (at least theoretically), a convenient way to quickly find photos with often-photographed faces. By last

7.Buy more ray head adapters
Confirm the included 3.5mm lighting adapter to your favorite headphones. Immediately. Not only does he want to capture his new iPhone and his old headphones, only to find himself without a way to connect them. Then go and buy one or two additional headphone adapters ($ 7.90 on Amazon) and put them in a bag you always use or in your car, where convenient, just in case. Next month, Belkin will launch its Charge RockStar ($ 39.99), a dual lighting fixture that lets you listen and charge simultaneously, or connect two Lightning headphones. In view of the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone, we expect to see many analog adapters.

Your new iPhone is full of features and options to personalize your phone experience. For example, you can activate the low power consumption mode to make sure your iphone does not stop just like you need to make an emergency call. Activate Night Shift to reduce the amount of exposure to blue light at night or Do not enable Save mode to keep the phone closed when you are on the bedside table and try to sleep (all by sliding it off the phone) Lower part of a screen to open the control panel. So take the time to see the various settings in “Settings” to find out what your new iPhone can do.

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