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IOS Location: Last Mile Problem Solution

By | August 19, 2017

It is the time of applications. Every stream of life flows in the wave of the application. There is an application for almost anything we can think of. App stores like Apple seem to have the unlimited potential of having the right apps, both in terms of adoption and revenue generation.


Although most of the conditions and major policy-oriented targeting apps have to help developers navigate this extraordinary number of possibilities, most developers lack a very important component in the way of an application. No matter how easy the user interface intuitive, it requires focused and flexible looks at your application, but it will take fifteen minutes to achieve the desired segment if you forget the location of iOS.

Yes, iOS developers for applications with a single click on any of the 150 countries in one or more countries authorization, but how will you ensure that these countries are either good or their shells and not caught in the steel cuff? What use is a good product if it is unnoticed in the box? Most of the countries in which the application is released, not native speakers of English may have, and this application would be useless, no matter how robust, fast and visually appealing it is.


In fact, if you want the application to be easy to use across the entire range of stores, you must first internalize the information you need. That means your application needs to be designed with a reasonable level of international compatibility so that areas like date / time / number of formats; Text entry; Time zone differences; User interface, output processing, etc. Suitable for use in the native language of the user, regardless of what, the code should be addressed at this stage of development and not as a memory.


Once the code is well-formed for international settings, you must use this option for an effective location according to a specific user base. This means that you need translation companies to convert the user interface and main components of the application into a language that applies to a particular user or culture.


It is recommended to test the application for different configurations and situations using translation experts, tools and pseudo-localization.


Keep in mind that this process is much more than just what the text does and the application only provides a superficial re-pack for a new language. This process should be well under the hood and well treated. It can also be done before the application is ready so that the additional iOS location and the specific audio image elements can be aligned as the application continues.

Experienced translation companies can enable parallel location work and intermittently import the project and then test the application in any language and user interface.

If a developer or a software manufacturer at this address can spend some proactive attention and can use the correct translation sources, the application can not only provide the enviable application store ranks, but also an instant favorite are the target audience.

After all, the user experience was and remains the ultimate test for real stability and adoption of the application and software. It’s a sour test, and when applications are unfamiliar with the language aspect of the UI, they will fail this port sooner or later. Remember: Why a great application slides to grab the attention of the user, since it is earlier in another language – the language was a great barrier, but no more. What is the use in the application economy and in the 21st century, if we now make the speed of language?

I am an expert in translation and linguistic services. I have a working knowledge of document translation, translating from English to German, iOS localization and multilingual email support. I am passionate about locating global brands to achieve the target group in the most efficient way.

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