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How to start a mobile application development company with little investment

By | October 28, 2017

Most people who intend to develop their iOS application development company usually think that they immediately earn twice as much for half the work they use to do their normal jobs. Some people are lucky, but not everyone has that kind of happiness. Before entering the entrepreneurial world, it is good that you have a solid business plan and a good idea of ​​how the mobile application developer works.


Here are some tips that will help you develop your mobile application development company:


Register as a developer: let’s start with the basics, that is, access the Android and iOS application stores. Since Google and Apple are one of the main players in the market, it is essential that you first log in to these two stores. After completing the application, you must send it to these two applets. Each company will review your application before officially doing it in your store. The review process includes a quality control of the application, the interface, etc. And make sure you do not install malware or spam in the application.

Once your application has been accepted by the app store, your application will be officially stored in your store, and you will get 70% of the sale price and the rest will be saved in the app stores. To begin, sign up for the Apple iOS Developer Program, which costs $ 99 per year and for Android you, need to sign up for Developer Console, which has a one-time fee of $ 25.


Using additional hats: Having your own business means more flexibility with your time, but also brings other responsibilities that you need to process efficiently. For example, if you started your business based on your own business, you should be involved in various tasks, such as application testing, design, customer interaction, marketing, and even legal issues related to the property and contracts of the company.




If you have a good budget, you can develop an iOS application developer to develop and test the application on your behalf so you can handle legal and marketing tasks well. In addition, you can also start your business together and take full advantage of the added capital resources and labor.

Create your application: if you have a small budget and have good programming or coding knowledge, you can write the application yourself. Below are four tools that help you create a feature-rich application: a bit complicated for beginners, this tool incorporates an excellent integration of data services with applications. comes with a free plan that allows up to three pages and one user. And in the first phase there are three pages enough to start.
Good Barber: this tool comes with a free 30-day trial and then you choose your premium plan of $ 16 / month. What distinguish this tool from others are its design elements, Google Font Integration and many icons to choose from. In addition, you can also find several online tutorials and webinars related to this tool.



Appy Pie: You can enjoy these free tooling services if you allow them to post messages in your application; otherwise, you can upgrade to a non-promotional plan starting at $ 7 a month. Appy Pie comes with pre-set application categories like restaurants, banking, radio, photo sharing, etc. In addition, they offer a wide range of features that allow you to add different features, such as GPS location, push notifications, and more.


Game-Salad: If you plan to make a game for mobile devices, this tool is perfect for you. Most applications of Android application development have this tool. The free version of this tool consists of ads, but there’s a $ 299 version that completely eliminates ads and makes in-app purchases available. If you want to earn money through in-app purchases, this tool will help you add this feature to your game.


Please retry, please try again: Before submitting your app to the app Store, it’s good to verify your application correctly. This can not do you for yourself; you can ask your friends to run your application’s beta version and tell them to give you the correct details of any problem, delay or mistake they discovered when using the application.
In addition, you can also implement the first versions of your application that consist of limited features. This will give you real-time feedback about the functionality and user interface of your application. You can also rent Android application developers who will test the application on your behalf.


Send your app to app shops: After trying and re-testing your app, it’s finally time to send you to the relevant app shops. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by developers who work for the application store. An average time to view an application is 13 days. If your application excels in the quality control of the application store, your application will appear in your store and you will receive a welcome email regarding acceptance of your application.

Marketing your application:

To increase downloads and active installations, it’s essential to promote your application with different marketing channels. You can promote mouth-to-mouth by asking your friends and family to download and use the application. In addition, you can also implement advertising techniques on social networks and list your application on multiple pages so your application can reach the international audience.

In this publication, you will read some tips that will help you start your application development activities. Before you begin, it’s good to get a good knowledge of current and future market developments and also develop a good work plan to help you achieve the desired goal.


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