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How to put iPhone sleep mode?

By | July 22, 2017

You should not sleep the screen of your iPhone or iPad? Does the screen of the iPad or iPhone to shut down quickly and iPhone sleep mode, put the iPhone into standby mode before you want? Let’s do it like this! The iPhones-pads are designed to automatically go into sleep mode, with the standard sleep mode at 60 seconds. You see that the screen is dark after 15 and then goes blank. Once the iPhone or iPad is in standby mode, press and hold the Start button and unlock the device to use it again.


A common misconception is that the sleep mode on the iPhone 6s differs from hibernation on the iPhone 7. It is the operating system that affects how the iPhone sleeps, not the iPhone model. Proceed as follows to stop sleeping with your iPhone.


This may be when the iPhone shuts down a frustrating feature, but is intended to help alleviate battery life by attenuating and then turning off the display. But if you are tired of your iPhone again and again to unlock, you can easily lock your iPhone by changing the settings to automatically lock the iPhone. You can automatically lock the iPhone so your iPhone will shut down after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes or never have the iPhone until you are ready to manually turn it off by pressing the sleep / alarm button. The speed with which you want your screen is dim, but remember the longer you wait before the iPhone goes into sleep mode, the more battery is going to be used.

How to put iPhone in sleep mode?

To save energy, you have to put the device into sleep. While this mode is connected, the iPhone or other iDevice can still connect to the Internet, collect calls, received messages, run applications, etc. All these devices are observed under these conditions. To enter this mode, simply press the On / Off button once and release immediately. To re-create the iPhone, simply press the on / off button and the start button.

Note: iDevice will default to sleep mode when you undo two minutes. To change this, do the following:> Click Settings> Click General> Auto Select Lock.

How to set the Do Not Disturb iPhone mode?

If you want to protect against failure during a dream meeting, the function does not need to disturb. In this mode, incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the voice mailbox. Time can be scheduled on your own. In the meantime, you can also selectively allow advance calls. In other words, allowed calls that have been set in this mode, can still be achieved, you just have to go to the settings where there is a need.

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