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How to Change the IMEI Number of the Android Phone

By | February 5, 2018

Change the IMEI Android phone number: – Hello, friends. Today I show you how to change the IMEI Android phone number with root or without root, because knowing how to change the IMEI number is not legal, but often we need to change the IMEI. number because in some cases of roots or flashes we lose the IMEI number without an IMEI number. The phone does not have access to a SIM card, so we need to flash or install the IMEI number to access the SIM card for calls and data access.


We can not change the IMEI number using an IMEI changer for permanent purposes, but we can change the IMEI number for Temporary in Software or Firmware. Many IMEI changers are available in the Google Play Store or Google Market. But some applications work and many of them are not true, so how do you know that? what works or not
In this article we will introduce you to some of the best Android applications for the IMEI change. We are talking about changing the IMEI number with root or without root. If you experience an invalid IMEI number issue or an illegal IMEI problem, this will be resolved if you follow this trick. Before you begin, I recommend that you back up. If you have already made the backup, you can start with me. You can also watch: 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Download

There are many apps available in the Google Play Store to change the IMEI number, but they need more access to change the IMEI number. Xposted module, IMEI changer application. It is too heavy, but with this Chamelephone application it is not necessary to install the Xposed application or the IMEI Changer application. Why I like it better than others. Therefore follow these instructions to change the IMEI number.

• Install the application and give root access to the SuperSU
• Now enter the IMEI number of both slots or you can also generate random IMEIs.

Requirements for changing the IMEI number on a robotic Android phone
• Rooted Android phone
• Xposed Installer application [Download from Google that is familiar with your device. ]
• IMEI changer application
Steps to change the IMEI number:
• First note your original IMEI number, if you forget, do not worry. You can find it on the back of your mobile phone under the battery.

• You can check your original IMEI number by selecting
• Now open the Xposed Installer application and go to the module section and check the box in the IMEI Changer application.
• Now, Simple restarts the phone for the configuration to work.
• Now open the IMEI Changer application, which shows you the actual IMEI number in the current IMEI option.
• Now type a new IMEI number in the NEW IMEI number section and click Apply.
• Now restart your phone and now you can check your new IMEI number by dialing * # 06 #

Note: – Changing your IMEI number is illegal in many countries. Therefore, try at your own risk. I ask you all to take this tutorial only for your knowledge.


Last words:
There are many ways to change the IMEI number with root or without root, but I recommend using the rooted phone method 1 to change the IMEI number, because that is very simple. No application of IMEI changer or Xposed application is necessary. Simply install the Chamelephon application and write the IMEI and that’s it. Never work hard again.
These are some ways to change the IMEI number of your device. Above are some of the famous techniques that will help you change the IMEI number. See the operating system you are using and follow the instructions to change the IMEI number. You May Also Check: – Spotify Premium Apk

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