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How These 5 App Developing Tricks for Mobile Devices can Increase Customer Retention rate?

By | August 19, 2017

User experience: A large parameter that digitally creates a mobile app. fortunately, this is the only gold nugget that makes your brand stronger. The good (or bad) habit of smartphone users asks them to re-check their screen from 5-6. “Smartphones are something that users can not get away with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms. Real-time messaging, etc.


But apart from the agitation of social networks, there is something more that demands attention from users! However, service-based applications meet the daily needs of consumers.
According to research conducted by Forrester Research (US and UK users), smartphone owners use an average of 24 applications a month, but spend more than 80 percent of their time on the app in only five applications. Within 30 days after download.

It seems to be a difficult task to catch the attention of a mobile user and keep it constant.

So how can you fascinate your users with your application for a long time? How can your application generate happy, loyal users with higher retention rates? Here is a checklist that is worth reading.

  • Self-explanatory: If you want users to instinctively know how to use an interface, you must work with the application’s UI design at the speed of reflection. It must be central and behavior-oriented. Ideally, you should make use of well-known visual metaphors and interface which is fairly easy for novice users without making them annoying.
  • Design oriented: design for the right users. Conduct user surveys, such as surveys and interviews that allow you to create characters for the people who are likely to use your application. This is the key to creating specific goals for your users and adjusting the workflow of your application to your needs.
  • Affordance & Signifiers: Affordability is the function. Meaning tips on accordance. For example, blue underlined text pointers that click on it will take you somewhere else. Using the right meanings makes it easy for users to guess what each element of the user interface does. In addition, its mobile interface with a modern look, while users still cueing about possible actions.
  • On-board simplification: Delivering an integrated on-board experience can significantly reduce abandonment. Be sure to skip too many steps to sign up, overload the information, and have Facebook or Google open your app.
  • Navigation without obstacles: Create a sequence that barely needs one or two hits to reach the target content, nothing more than that and the user will enter.


Design and research work in parallel. If you perform this prior work, your application will be saved along the way. Hire a well-developed mobile app development company developer who embraces a creative team of UI / UX designers. By doing so, you can easily get a better booking rate for the customer.

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