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How is your iPhone in good condition

By | September 17, 2017

Now that you have your new iPhone, you want to make sure you keep it in good condition. Keeping your iPhone (or other gadget) in shape will ensure you get the best resale value when it’s time to upgrade. It will also help prolong the life of your device and improve performance. Here are some simple steps to keep your iPhone in its “new state” throughout your life.

A protective housing prevents the accidental absorption of drops or blows, and not the phone itself. When choosing a business you will find thousands of options. First, look for something that looks like the look. You usually do not like it, you can not use it. Then look at what kind of case you’d like. The cases come in many shapes and sizes: bags, sheets, shells, bumper, clip-on, etc. Make your decision based on how you have treated your phones in the past. If you let your phone fall or hug a phone, a case with more protection would be a better choice. People who carry their phones in a bag, purse or backpack should look for a case that offers protection on all sides. For people who keep their phones in their pockets, they will make a bumper or a skin.


Screen saver
Damage to the screen affects the value of your phone more than anything else, so protecting your screen is always a sensible investment. When it comes to protecting your screen, there are two good options. The first is a ZAGG shield that protects all sides of the phone, including the screen. The second option is to combine a screen protector from just the front with the case of your choice. These types of screen savers can usually be bought for less than $ 5 on eBay or Amazon. I recommend changing the screen protector every 2-3 months when cleaning your device.


Clean kit
Every month or so, you need to clean your iPhone properly. Remember that phones are more likely to carry bacteria than any other electronic device. Always turn off the device before performing any of the cleaning steps below.

  • Carry a microfiber cleaning cloth and a safe cleaning solution for gadgets (Brasso and Monkey Spunk are good brands) and clean the phone well. Always spray the cleaner on the cloth and never stand upright on the device.
  • Then send a can of compressed air for use with electronics (available from Office Depot, NewEgg, Staples, etc.) and remove all ports from the device. Spray the headphone jack, the connector port, and the SIM card slot.
  • Reapply the screen saver and turn on the device and turn the device back on. This is always a good time to set up your phone with iTunes. We recommend that you back it up with a monthly cleaning.


Remember that the main thing is that your device is in good condition. Just be careful with your iPhone and make sure it’s the best you can. We all know that accidents happen and are sometimes unavoidable. We advise a policy of guarantee for people who suffer from accidents or have had phone problems in the past. Proper care and maintenance along with the right accessories will enhance the life and value of your iPhone.

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