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How Do I Obtain Java for Mobile Device?

By | November 2, 2017

Java capabilities for mobile devices are usually integrated by device manufacturers. It is NOT available for download or installation by consumers. You should contact the manufacturer of your device to know the availability of this technology on your device.


Some PDAs (Blackberry, Palm), tablets (iPad, Android, Windows Surface RT), smartphones (iPhone, Android), video game consoles (Nintendo Wii), MP3 / MP4 players (iPod) and other personal mobile devices are not Java-plug-in compatible Visit the manufacturer’s website of your device to determine if Java is available for your specific device.

Windows Surface RT: Surface tablets that use the Windows RT operating system are not compatible with the Java plug-in. Java as a desktop program can not be installed because it is not available in the Windows Store.


Developers should consult the  Oracle Technology Network (OTN)  for more information on developing Java applications for mobile devices. Java for mobile devices depends on the Java platform, Micro Edition (Java ME), which provides a robust and flexible environment for applications that run on mobile devices and other integrated devices: mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and televisions.


Decoders and printers. Java ME includes flexible user interfaces, robust security, built-in network protocols, and support for network and offline applications that can be downloaded dynamically. Java ME applications are portable on many devices, but make use of the native capabilities of each device.

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