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How can you organize your best iPhone apps? One icon at a time

By | July 25, 2017

In the ten years since the best iPhone apps was released, I’ve never really settled for a way to organize the screen of my house that I really want. Folders look awkward, but folders do not allow for too many things. Organizing what I use most, it leaves me the necessary applications rare but quickly buried while the organization with high speed access allows me to play in several times a day.

And then there’s the aesthetic. Some apps just do not deserve my first home screen, no matter how much I use it. Usually games. Game designers are not attractive icon for life, it seems.

He was trapped in the horns of the dilemma. So I have over the years made all the responsibility for the decision and instead install a system: every time I touch a best iPhone application to open it, moves the square closer to the front.

Is that, Of course, there are problems with this system. If you are looking for an application in the limelight, or changing the multitasking, it is not counted – because if you do not touch the icon, you do not need to open the icon, right?


Two years on the line, I hit the main screen vaguely resembles a fine mix of my most used typed and stubborn applications:

As if it had a lot of applications, I love what it tells me about my iPhone use.

The port does not change at this time, although sometimes Spotify WhatsApp fighting for the domain. Duolingo has the advantage of every day without fail to open, will appear Reeder RSS application at least twice during the week, and Twitter is also … Twitter is Twitter. I Tease according to Duolingo to spend more.

The rest of the first page is very accessible. I’m surprised, I still use Snapchat enough to be so high and health is slowly on the list. Now I left manually with my weight – which has the time – but the screen is a fairly accurate diameter where I use my phone to.

The second page follows the same system. There you will find some of the applications I use regularly, but not every day, but some, likes the secure chat application, I’ve only used recently but upload the cards.


On the third page, I break my rules. Here goes everything in folders and move each folder forward only when I click on it. It’s the only way to make sure you have 40 pages of apps, and it works pretty well. It also reveals almost the number of best iPhone apps I have that I have never clicked. Some, like SwiftKey or the Wallet app, are still useful, but open in other ways. Others, like the World of Warcraft app partner (I play the game over) or Gett Taxi app (I guess not many taxis) I think I should probably remove it.


There is also the only other breach of rules that I have a “old games” folder. Sometimes you only know when a game ends, but you do not want to remove the phone, you know? That’s where to sleep these games. Maybe I’ll rest for a day or Corrypt reign again.

I’m pretty sure that my way is the only logical way to organize the icons. But I am prepared to persuade you otherwise. Does everyone have better ideas?

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