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How Can Running Adult Apps for Your Mobile Device?

By | October 31, 2017

The first time I got my Samsung Android; I was looking for something to read in the gym and discovered that there were books in the style of choosing your own adventure. These were all the rage in the 80s and 90s and I am happy that these games still exist in a modern way. Now days, I have an iPhone and I have discovered that the world is my oyster as far as it goes.


Who needs a PlayStation when you can take your gaming device wherever you go and still enjoy some beautiful things?

Game books: choose your own adventure style option games
Delight Games – Elections
This is a choose your own adventure style book. There are no sophisticated graphics, since it is more of a children’s style book, but the stories are taken care of for any type of person who is. There are books written under the horror genre with witches, vampires, zombies and detective among others.


The application itself is free to download and although the stories themselves can be purchased in a subscription or by volumes of a single unit, you can read them for free if they advertise in any way and sometimes expect to get enough coins to get it next chapter. The coins are granted to remain relatively unharmed during your adventure and as daily bonuses and granted for choosing to watch a full video.


I read Zombie High, and while it is mainly a book for teenagers, I really enjoyed it. The story is about Jane Valentine, who lives in a futuristic period where all of humanity is underground. Your choices can make you a fun or not so nice person and gain popularity and possible love interests, since the options are based on strengths and weaknesses.

I would recommend this to anyone, but it is great if you have young children who want to use your phone, then it is something that you can use to use them.


The wolf among us

This application rejected me when I found it. It was created by Telltale Games with the participation of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
You can start the first volume for free and then pay the next volume or holder from $ 29.99 as a discount for the full edition.


This is not like a child; it’s like a movie in which the results and choices of the characters in the story are verified in a realistic cartoon format. The characters swear like sailors, and in a scene I found myself, I hit a very scary man discovered in a prostituent I ((detective beast) played myself in a simulated battle scene where I had to raise the screen and fight to avoid or other scenes Search or navigate through areas of the scenario to find directions or retrieve objects.


To my total disappointment after I bought the game, none of the chapters would work and most of my electives were empty, it was like I bought a book with pages that were extended.


I have read some reviews that have experienced similar problems and the advice to solve problems is uncomfortable. Suggestions say to reinstall, reboot the system (which are not short scenes) after clearing the cache memories, which turn on ten minutes at a time.


My last advice from the people of the games was about an older phone style that I found ridiculous because nothing on the site indicates problems with the use of a good phone. Mine is an iPhone 7 plus, I was upset that they would like to take my money, but not warn of possible failures. Finally I wrote in the App Store and received a refund, but I could not complete the story.


It starts when you play as a type of public order agent named Beast and is in Fable Town. All the characters are called Fables and the plot involves trying to discover who killed the people.


The characters are recommended and are ideal for older adults with curses and less violence. It is possible for sex scenes later in the work, but if it is on the same line that the violence is not very open, but the content comes with an R or an MA15 rating down, depending on the title.

These stories can also be played on other platforms, but forums sometimes suggest similar problems, but are usually solved by problem-solving options.



Other titles by Telltale
• The living dead.
• Thrones game.
• Tales from the Border Lands.
• Dark dreams do not die.
• Metal gear.
• Sherlock Holmes.

Clash of clans

Clans clash has been a couple of years and is very popular.
In addition to the extravagant and often humourous characters and modern graphs compared to the war games of decades ago, where the screenshots were very simple, there is not much for these games. However, the concept is relatively the same.
This is a time-based game that is played around your own army and village. The building structures make it possible to get different troops, spells and decorations and fight against other players.


The popularity of this game, I think, is through the use of clans. Once you start the game and reach a certain level, you can search for a clan or group to be part of it. If you’re in a clan, you can participate in wars with other clans, have strategies about who to attack the opponent and get more rewards to help you with improvements for your own people. The better your village is made, the more expensive it will be to have a stronger village.


Other players can use your hard-earned funds if you are not careful about the city’s settings. Where you put your walls, your weapons and everything else becomes important. The good you are in the game is also classified by means of a colored shield telling other people in your clan how well you are in battle.
The game allows you to specifically search for the place and type of clan you want to participate in. You can choose from different countries around the world and each clan has its own rules. Break with your own danger, they will throw you out and if the offense is particularly offensive to the leader or fellow leaders in the hierarchy, they can prevent you coming back.


I’ve played this for a couple of years before I became somewhat uninteresting. Especially because my warfare was never so good and because my city is quite strong and needing the walls to keep others cost $ 2 million a piece.
Over the years, the game has evolved with the introduction of new troops, false character videos and other small details, including a new alternative village to keep their attention.



There is a chat bar, where you can accept a clan of up to 40 people, you can meet other players. Most members, like me, use a handle, but if you are in a clan for a while, you sometimes talk about interests, music, what everyone does that day / night and sometimes you feel like having a semi – Friends in a game. Other times, if you fail or lose a committed attack during a war, this may lead to expulsion or reprimand making you feels like you are ordered to not play.


Some groups want to curse, talk about alcohol and provoke or make jokes that do not have PG appreciation. Young people who try to infiltrate adult clans appear to be embarrassing in these groups and are eliminated fairly quickly. They are being interviewed by clanmates and through conversations, but I have often experienced that these children who enter groups of this nature should not be checked at home because some recognize that they are less than the recommended age to play.
A leader starts the group and can select fellow leaders to assist in the daily operations of the clan. They can start wars and give instructions, and they are usually senior members. All levels are awarded through the promotion, but each level offers more power to initiate someone, promote someone or make a decision about accepting someone new to the clan. When you enter, you are a member; sometimes you become an old man just by staying a few days, sometimes you have to earn by how well you fit the group.


Clash Royale
This game was created by Clash of Clans, it has some of the same characters, but the game is completely different. If the two platforms were a television program, it could be said that the characters sometimes cross paths, but Royale has a larger number of troops.


The objective of Royale is to fight fights in the arena style in real time. You and your opponent have three castles to protect and the first to destroy the main castle or win most of the castles on the clock.
You collect cards with your troops and they all have different abilities. They are also updated with gold, which is awarded with trophies of treasures granted by time interval, through winning matches and incoming tournaments with large gold bonuses.


Again, this allows you to participate in a group of up to 50 people. The chat focuses mainly on the strategy of the game, which works well, what not, the members are frustrated when losing steaks and everyday life. People talk about where they come from, what kind of work they do and other trivial things that affect everyday life. The longer you stay somewhere, the more you know who you are. This game also offers groups to join from around the world.


I also like adult groups, and I’m still an active member of who I was a few months ago. It’s an Australian group, but Clan Clash, you always get members from other countries that make it interesting. In most cases, as long as you can write and understand English and follow some courtesies, it will be accepted.
This has a weekly battle that starts on a Friday in your own group. It’s basically a time contest where most points can win and once the upper limit is reached, the group gets a big reward with more cards and gold.


I love my group and, although I am not a daily player, I just play when I can not sleep or wake up somewhere. I know the most important members, what their daily life can mean and where they come from, enough to have a conversation from time to time. A member started a Facebook group for members to join, but I love my anonymity, so I did not add it.

Other games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale
• Boom Beach.
• Gross Age: Invasion of the Horde.
• Clash of Kings.
• Forge of empires.
• Battle of zombies.
• Stormfall: Rise of Balur.

The Walking Dead, the country of nobody

This game is just a strategy game of shoot-em with the characters of The Walking Dead TV Series as the characters from which you can choose to complete missions.
The game features video clips that you can see when you choose, different missions increase in difficulty and other minor challenges to earn resources to improve and build things in your base camp.
There is a massive weapon weapon to choose from and upgrade along with clothing and trade displays. The game offers bonus rounds of various things that you must keep playing for longer periods and waiting times for things to build or improve, it takes more time as the game progresses.
It is not very complicated to play as soon as you hear where everything is. There are many different components to learning how to use, but after the first missions, it is possible to join a group that is organized into hierarchical levels (leader, co-leader and elders). About games, clues and tips. I did this just recently started and the group that I described tree for most of the relatively quiet week and there is rarely everything that happens in reality, except maybe one ‘where are you from’ question addressed to the new members.


Once a week a challenge team opened the game and if someone challenges complete the required time, receives bonus rewards and items that can be used for store trade.
The only reason I still play this game, I love the TV series and I discovered that I am good at the game itself and therefore got a PhD from the group leader quickly through my score in the challenge of the team . The rules established by the members when I entered were a beautiful high score each week, and I managed to pass the required amount without much effort.

The game itself is a bit repetitive, so I’m not sure this is one that will keep my interest, but it’s a medium game to play if you want to play 5 minutes late.
Other games like running without anyone’s land

  • War Z.
    • Last Empire-War Z.
    • The Walking Dead: Survival instinct.
    • Mobile Strike.
    • World in the arms.
    • The Walking Dead: Michonne.
    • Dead trigger.



Sarah misses or is known as SIM
This game is completely different from everything I’ve seen, so far I have not played much, but once downloaded and opened, Sara’s screen is Sara’s phone. He has helped Siri as a futuristic assistant to help repair the corrupt phone and gives him more clues and allows the user to ask questions when the next step is difficult to find.
Start by checking Sara’s emails, messages, and other things to find out where Sara can be or what could happen to her and quickly realize that it’s not right. This game has bad words and themes for adults and is not recommended for children under 17.
Sara is a paranormal psychologist and writes articles on this topic and one of her friends is dedicated to witchcraft. In the first hour I was home alone at home, I discovered that I was nervous with his tracks, videos and enough phone calls to turn on the lights. If my family had been home, I would not have taken care of me so much, but paranormal subjects always scare me.


I’ve still not been too far into the story, but the videos and pictures that the artificial intelligence assistant finally finds back are real with the actors, which make it even better.

If you want to download something for free that’s different and I’d like to give you a turn around your horror genre like I think.

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