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How a Mobile Phone With an IMEI Number can be of Benefit to You

By | February 5, 2018

The international identity of mobile equipment (IMEI) is a unique number that is present in all mobile phones of the Global Mobile Communications System (GSM) and the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). The British Telecommunications Approval Council (BABT) offers the IMEI number of telephone manufacturers. The service provider can trace the mobile device using the IMEI number.
You can also identify the location, incoming calls and contacts.

What is your IMEI number?

The IMEI number is located under the battery of the headset. You can use one of the following steps to identify the number on your device:

Mark the series * # 06 # on a Nokia model.
Press right, *, left, left, *, left, *, left on a Sony Ericsson model.
Use the zoom icon on an iPhone or Connect to iTunes to identify the unique number.
Use the menu procedure # * right arrow for a Motorola model.
It is a unique 15-digit number indicating the origin, model and serial number of the device.
The structure of the number format is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D:
– AA: see the identification code of the reporting body. This belongs to an approved group that has assigned the Type Assignment Code (TAC)
– BBBBBB: indicates the remainder of the TAC
– CCCCCC: the manufacturer defines this series of numbers for the model.
– D: this indicates the number derived by the Luhn check digit of the whole model or 0.

Theft: no more profitable company
When a mobile device with the unique number is stolen or lost, the operator can trace or block the device according to the request of the user. The local operator can add the IMEI number to a team identity
Register (EIR), which also communicates it to the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR).
The CEIR blacklists of the device and device are unusable in every operator. This helps people to prevent the mobile phone from being used for illegal purposes.


Which of the mobile devices does not support a unique number?
Cheap mobile phones manufactured in China do not have a unique number. If the device does not have an IMEI number, the operator still routes the call for this type of phone. However, this can generate a national security problem for each country because the device can not identify from which device the call is started.
The government can apply a rule at any time to ban these mobile devices without unique numbers.
What is the solution for cheap Chinese phones on the market?


The approval and testing forum of China Telecommunications Terminal has regulated a law for providing international identity numbers for mobile devices to TD-SCDMA and GSM phones in China. In the meantime, you will update these Chinese mobile phones with the IMEI number using the software available on the market.

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