All countries in the world face diet problems, especially weight problems.

While some people follow a “fat diet,” others have different reasons for having their extra body fat. It can be depression, anxiety, mania and more or less anything else. No matter what the cause is, you need to spot the cause and then take action and make a change in your lifestyle and especially eating habits. Weight Gain loss idea-Naturally

Why Am I Gain Weight | Easy Ways to weight loss tips Naturally
Why Am I Gain Weight | Easy Ways to weight loss tips Naturally

Depression or low self-esteem as a major weight bomb

People who suffer from severe forms of depression or are bullied for some reason by a group of people often face weight problems. The most important thing with someone who has depression is that simple thought: “who cares.” Well, you may not mind for a while, while you’re young, as long as you don’t get fat enough to affect bodily functions, but as soon as some of your organs start to collapse or you have chest pain or back pain, Problems can worsen if not managed properly.


Simply because they have a strong opinion about how bad their lives are. They think that nothing matters and eating more does not affect anyone and even more makes one feel comfortable. Well, it is true that comfort is never lacking, but from an unfortunate moment in your life there is no more comfort. It just begins to gain weight, consciously, but it can’t stop later. Weight Gain loss idea-Naturally

The death of a loved one or empty nest syndrome

These two causes are totally different but the same when it comes to weight problems. Every time a loved one dies, an entire world falls within us. We feel useless and we start crying, cursing life itself and asking ourselves many questions like why, how, why me, why him, why her, why not later, why so fast, why an attack to the heart, etc. We always have difficulties and we cannot simply accept that the person we once cared about will never be available again.

Empty nest syndrome only affects parents, as their children inevitably move out of the house from a certain age and then it’s only for parents to fill in the lost space. While it is not death, just a move, it still feels like a total loss to every parent. Most parents prefer to discuss and invent all sorts of reasons for their children to keep them home as long as possible and only let them go when their children stop listening or when they see that by keeping those children inside, they are slowly dying inside.

All in all, an unexpected or even expected departure from a good friend, a close relative, a daughter, a son will always change our feelings and our mood. Unfortunately, since we are human and every time we go down, we start looking for what makes us feel a little better, eating seems to find its way into the hearts of many people as the cure for these cases. However, our bodies have limited capacity and endurance. None of us can exceed or exceed the limits of our physical being.

Too much comfort really kills

You know how good it is if you just have your own car or motorcycle. It’s easy to get anywhere once you have a motor to take you there. Everything is fine, according to its initial purpose and use, but since we tend to love comfort in all aspects of our lives, what we do is avoid long walks or bike rides whenever we have the benefits of a car or motorcycle.

Since we tend to not know what free time is, we always say that saving even 30 minutes is worth it. But let me ask you: is it worth living 30 minutes a day, for more than 5 years? Is it worth spending months or years in a hospital with different conditions and then being easily exposed to heart disease?

Fast food addiction makes you fat fast

Everything is great, we are running away and we need to eat fast, but does it stay that way once the procedure is repeated? Is it still great when we are forced to eat fast food every day or at best “only” 5 out of 7 days? So why are you wondering how to lose weight fast?

While fast food is actually the fastest way to eat, the quickest possible way of not waiting for food to be prepared (like in ordinary restaurants), contains harmful substances. Those chemicals used in the preservation and manufacturing process will make your body cry. Our organs were not built to withstand this great amount of suffering due to basic and vital bodily function such as eating. Since every bite of any type of fast food contains some harmful chemicals, eating fast food every day is like being bombarded inside. Since we have our basic instincts, the survival instincts, our bodies will endure suffering to the maximum limits. But then comes the inevitable: it collapses. Then he begins to gain weight and extra fat and out of nowhere, he even ends up being diagnosed as a cancer patient.

When we look in the mirror in the morning, before we go out to work, do we see what we would love to see? Do we see someone happy and healthy? These are very important things! No money can buy health and we must take this into account before making any decision related to something. Weight Gain loss idea-Naturally

As we have seen in this article, the first and most important step is the knowledge of the causes. Once we know where it came from and how it came, we can beat it!

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