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Do you have a Z10? Here Are Some Excellent BlackBerry 10 Apps That You can Sart Wth

By | November 29, 2017

Searching for the best BlackBerry 10 applications can be a tough job and BlackBerry World is anything but the most user-friendly application store. Do not worry, because we have started a new summary of the mandatory BB10 applications that you want to install on your new bright Z10 today. We have BlackBerry 10 apps for music, sports, weather and more.

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Popcornflix (Free)

We discussed the Popcornflix film streaming service in DT earlier, but now with a BB10 application. In short, it offers free long-term movies that you can stream directly on your BlackBerry. There are more than 700 to choose from and the service is completely free because it is compatible with advertising. Movies are divided into genres and new titles are added daily. You will not find the latest blockbusters, but it’s worth looking for some decent indies and b-movies.

MyAccountant ($2)

Turn your BlackBerry into a pocket meter with this detailed financial tracker that will help you manage your budget (and prevent misery). It is not very exciting, but MyAccountant is very useful for keeping track of expenses. It is very well designed with a smooth learning curve and the ability to export reports and data is very useful. Tracking your money is vital and this is the application to do it in BB10.

Paper Camera ($2)

Earning a great success in iOS and Android, now Paper Camera has made the leap to BB10 and is just as good. Turn your photos into sketchy artworks, comic strips or draw a cartoon or noir look. You can view different filters for photo editing and view them in real time based on the strength of your camera. It is very accessible and fun to play.

Gadget Box ($2)

Why not improve your smartphone with a box of practical gadgets? This application is like an add-on for the Swiss Army Knife for your BB. It offers you a spirit level, compass, flashlight, speedometer, protractor, infinite ruler, morse code generator, unit converter and a tool for estimating height and distance. It’s a practical set of tools for $ 2 and although you can not use them every day, you’ll be glad they’re there when you need one.

Navita Translator (Free)

With support for 60 languages ​​and counting, Navita Translator is a very useful application. Write the text you want to translate, or you can take it from an e-mail, a website or a text message. Select your language and touch the Translate button to get a text translation. You can also touch the speaker icon to have your translation read aloud, which is especially useful if you are unsure of the pronunciation. The interface is very simple, but it is easy to use and fairly accurate.




Feather Duster (Free)

Fans of social networks with a great need to keep abreast of popular issues should definitely be excited about this application. It is a visually dazzling galaxy of tweets that establishes connections between Twitter hashtags. You can select a topic in which you are interested and then link related hashtags to create your own particle storm of interesting tweets. There is absolutely an element of novelty in it, but for advanced users of Twitter it could also serve as a useful large screen.

Waze (Free)

The sense of the community is central in this navigation application. There are more than 40 million users who update it with the latest traffic information and the location of the best prices for gas. It also has voice controlled navigation and automatic rerouting based on real-time road conditions. It is a good alternative to traditional navigation and cartography solutions, but if there is a lack of users in your region, its usefulness is certainly reduced.

SayIt ($3)

If you are jealous of iPhone users with Siri or Android users with Google Now, do not worry, there is a BlackBerry equivalent. SayIt is a voice-guided personal assistant, created especially for BlackBerry 10. It has the technology of Wolfram Alpha, so you can answer questions about everything from math to history. You can also search the Internet, get weather information, find hotels or restaurants in the area and there is also a function to translate languages.

Songza (Free)

Here is an application to play music that offers free playlists that suit your activity or mood. You start by selecting the category, if you want to train, something to walk epically or listen to music to read the newspaper. There are options for each mood, and each playlist is composed of experts. You can share your favorite playlists through social networks and you can find links to buy the songs you like. The best thing is to use it with Wi-Fi so that it does not store too much data.

TuneIn Radio (Free)

A completely free application that opens a radio world that you can enjoy, it is not surprising that TuneIn has been a great success on all platforms. This application gives you access to more than 70,000 stations around the world and a large number of concerts, podcasts and free shows. You can easily search for what you want, whether it’s the latest sports commentary, pop hits, classic rock or political debate. In regards to free access to the radio, this is definitely your best bet now.


ESPN ScoreCenter (Free)

With this application you can get up-to-date scores, news and analyzes about the sports world of ESPN. Choose the sports, the competitions and the teams you are interested in and never lose the rhythm of what happens to them. The simple and accessible interface gives you direct access to news articles and video content and you can create a custom bookmark to get all the results that interest you on a single screen.

AccuWeather (Free)

To get updated and reliable weather forecasts that accurately identify your location via GPS, you will not find a better option than AccuWeather. You can view up to ten days of weather forecasts to help you plan ahead and regularly update the application to bring you the latest changes. You can even request push notifications to warn you of bad weather. The application has a number of additional functions, from updates of flight delays to animated satellite maps with weather fronts.


ReadItNow! ($2)

Here is a simple reader application that allows you to save an article archive that you want to read later. This means that you can load reading material at home or work via Wi-Fi and read it offline while you are traveling. With the customization options, you can find the right font size for you and it’s easy to share content via social networks if that’s what you’re interested in. An intuitive interface that is easy to view and a complete lack of ads that distract the audience makes it a winner.


PicShop ($4)
With an 8 megapixel camera on the Z10 and Q10 you can take some great pictures. PicShop is a photo editing app that offers you a variety of tools and post-processing effects to apply to your photos. In addition to the standard options such as red-eye removal and contrast controls, you will also find a simple way to eliminate imperfections and waste time with the depth of field. For the fun side there are also text balloons and other stickers with which you can add text and jokes to your images. The integrated social exchange for Facebook and Twitter completes a solid photo editing program for BB10.

If your favorite BlackBerry 10 application has not appeared, post a comment and share it with us. Do not forget that we will regularly update this overview of the best BlackBerry 10 apps, so be sure to check the new listings.

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