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Do People in all Countries Have the Same Access to All Technological Advances?

By | March 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the previous title question? Will it be a yes or no? What you think? Let’s dive into an argument. Read on to find out.

Well, people who can pay for technical developments should have access. Those who can not do it can still do it by managing, budgeting and saving. These technological developments tempt people both rural and urban and want to learn and use both categories.


As a result, the literacy rate increases, so that the economy and prospects of the country are improving.


Government agencies can take measures to censor obscene scenes, photos and places, so that children and adolescents are not ruined at an early age. It is just as good to preserve peace, harmony and balance among young people who are dating.
What are some of the technological developments? In fact, these include, among others, IOT (Internet of Things), smartphone, TAB, iPad, iPod, laptops, laptops, etc. And applications like Instagram, Google Map, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the plot.
All these are fun to use for old and young, as well as urban and rural. Parents can keep in touch with their children and grandchildren, while the field can connect with more modern and urban family members. Everyone benefits and everyone is happy to have access to technological developments.

As a general rule, I see no reason why the people of a country, especially a developing country, have the privilege of using technological developments because they are also the means of education and learning and, therefore, of literacy. If a country is encouraged to develop in this way, why not? Give them access and rights, and not only will they love them but they will benefit from it.

Speaking of benefits, what are some of them? People in rural and urban areas are familiar with the figures and words in English and also with their mother tongue. They can understand many signs and icons that are useful in the new era. They learn to use applications through digital devices, which is an advantage in the niches of career and work.


By learning English and the mother tongue, along with signs and symbols, it is easy for rural residents to move to the cities and for the people of the city to move to the developed countries and, therefore, improve their status, prospects and Financial Freedom.

That’s why this is the modern area. So, as I said before, by censoring the whole country to be active, people of all nations must have access to all technological developments, especially those that are benign and beneficial.

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