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Development Trends for The 2018 Enterprise Mobile Application you Need to Know

By | February 24, 2018

Worldwide, more than 2.1 billion people own a smartphone according to the TouchPoints report. It is also estimated that this year the number of downloads of mobile applications worldwide will amount to 269 billion. Meanwhile, revenue from mobile applications is expected to reach $ 76 billion, almost 70% more than $ 45 billion in 2016-17.


It is incredibly true. That’s why the use of smartphones and mobile apps will not decrease by 2018 anyway. Only trends in mobile applications can show new colors. In this publication, we will analyze the current trends in mobile and mobile applications for development in 2018 that you need to know.


Development trends for mobile application development 2018
AR & VR will rule the industry through its magic

Do you know the trends in the development of mobile applications for modern companies? You may have heard of the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications that are gaining popularity. Last year, AR & VR applications revolutionized the gaming and entertainment industry.


Several popular games such as PokeGo, iOnRoad, Sky Siege and myNav are the best examples of AR games, while PR devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard have received the attention of users. According to the Digi-Capital research, it is expected that there will be a broad market for AR & VR software in the coming years.


Mobile applications based on the cloud are emerging
As we have all heard about cloud technology and it is called, this affects our daily collective life. Now cloud technology has also found its place in mobile applications; That is why we can expect the most powerful mobile applications that retrieve data directly from the cloud and occupy the smallest possible space in the internal memory of your smartphone.


Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are the tip of the iceberg. Cloud applications will increase 90% of total mobile data traffic in 2019, according to the Cisco survey. With an annual growth of 60%, mobile cloud traffic is 11 times. With this, we can clearly see that the trends of mobile applications related to the cloud in 2018 will take a long time.


Increased security in applications
More than 75% of mobile applications will not pass basic security tests according to a Gartner prediction. However, the HP study indicates that 70.6% of the applications are accessible for external storage and that 94.7% of the applications are compatible with the registration methods.


Surveys also indicate that there are many applications that lack security. Reportedly, hackers will continue the trend of exploiting known vulnerabilities in mobile applications to steal secure and confidential information.
The experts considered this development of mobile applications for commercial applications as negative. In addition, several JavaScript frameworks help you develop a secure and scalable mobile application.



Artificial intelligence is objective
Compared to 2017, more than 300% more will be invested in artificial intelligence that Gartner has found. Using advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces for complex systems and machine learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence will provide business users with access to advanced knowledge they will never be able to obtain.
Due to these huge benefits, major brands such as Google, eBay, Facebook, IBM and more have begun to acquire new companies specialized in artificial intelligence. This is a graphic that allows you to count more.


Recently, some beautiful applications of artificial intelligence have been observed such as Siri, Prisma and Google Now, and many more are expected in 2018, keeping trends in the development of the mobile AI application intact.


Business adoption
Along with small businesses, some of the largest companies in the industry will use mobile applications to enable users to make smart and quick decisions about the company.


Little by little, the Internet of things expands; therefore, industries such as health and agriculture will depend on mobile platforms to send and receive data to make serious decisions based on that data.


In addition to the development of new mobile applications, organizations will also seek to stimulate commercial applications for mobile platforms.


Increase beacons and location-based services
Apple’s IBeacons and Google Beacon are the integrated location-based service applications that are gaining popularity on the web. Soon, the use of Wi-Fi will no longer be limited to hotels, shops, restaurants and medical care.
Using applications with Wi-Fi support will go beyond these traditional needs that help people with accurate location-based information. Here you can see how Beacon works: it is an advanced technology that offers a wide margin for custom application marketing and is expected to grow in 2018, taking into account one of the most important mobile application trends.


Data management
Did you know that data management becomes a challenging task for the company?
The type of data and the speed with which this happens, increase relentlessly.
As companies learn how to use data to improve their operations and customer service, they will rely more on mobile applications to provide timely information to customers and allow employees to access current time data accessible through mobile devices. make informed decisions drink. Mobile applications will be like how well the company manages and uses their data.


Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) change the landscape of the web application
It’s been a year since Google started the AMP project. Recently, Google has declared that there will be a separate search index for the mobile Internet. It is a revolutionary step that has completely changed the trends in the development of mobile applications, especially from the point of view of the web application and SEO.
Google web applications supported by AMP are immediately uploaded to mobile devices and reduce the bounce rate in a large number. It also gives an advantage to publishers with greater visibility of advertisements and visitors. That’s why advanced technology is on the list of trends in the development of mobile applications in the next year.


Swift is now faster
Speaking of Swift, it’s the next-generation programming language for iOS developers. There are several mobile application developers that confirm that Objective-C is simple. Although Swift will soon not replace Objective-C, it will receive great attention in 2018.

With the release of Swift-2 that offers developer friendly features, the new programming language is definitely a retreat. You want to know how Swift is leading the race with other programming languages. It seems that Apple has the biggest goals for Swift because it optimized the compiler for performance and language for development.

These are the trends of mobile applications for the development of mobile devices in 2018 that you should take into account when developing an application for your company, company or organization. Be sure to hire a reliable mobile application development company that has a qualified team of mobile application developers to understand your requirements.

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