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Chat Applications and How they Can help Young People

By | January 18, 2018

Technology is often regarded as a fault for learning failure, especially with so many young people participating in chat and messaging applications currently available. However, it is not necessary that technology is an obstacle. In fact, it can be very surprising tools that can help students improve communication.


Application chat as a tool for collaboration and learning
If you pay attention to young people, you notice something very interesting and it is the fact that they spend most of their time sending SMS messages and using various free applications that can be easily downloaded.


This technology can be used to help with learning. There are applications that can really help someone with a problem with pronunciation. These applications can be downloaded to your phone or computer and can be communicated via voice messages or even texts.


Voice Messaging is still fairly new, but it really helps the students a lot, especially with pronunciation and speaking skills when they are asked to include the answers in a chat. As an educator you can choose to speak with your students through this method. You can do it individually or you can also create a number of group chats where students can listen freely to each other and also give feedback when assignments are assigned.


Most chat programs you find are very easy to use and therefore tasks can be easily and efficiently recorded. These are applications that can be used when lessons end. The extra exercise within the online platform is necessary because students have the opportunity to learn autonomously and can see the mistakes and correct themselves.
Students are encouraged to improve reading because they take the time to read aloud before they record and send. They also have the ability to listen to the comments that others give and to complete all other assignments that can be given.


Improving writing
There are other messaging applications that can be used on mobile devices and on desktop devices that can be very important when writing. This is especially the case when a student has based a task on writing or project. However, there are many possibilities here.


Most chat sites allow for public or private conversations. This is what such a surprising feature is for the students of a group or of another person, the way they use the tool for education. When there is a need to communicate privately with students, chat applications always offer that. You can choose to communicate in a group, but if there is a point that needs clarification, a private conversation becomes ideal.
There are several projects for which students must collaborate. When this is the case, they must be able to communicate and collaborate very well. Private channels can be applied if you want to discuss some details regarding a project. You can also share images, links, etc. and make them very useful.


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