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BlackBerry does not Sell Phones and Apple Looks like the Next BlackBerry

By | December 1, 2017

The life cycle of mobile giants usually seems to end in a jolt of patents because Apple is losing its Android business, just as Nokia and BlackBerry have lost it to Apple.


This past fall we started a Wiki page on BlackBerry because BlackBerry made it clear that it had become a parasite; Some of the mainstream media even claim that BlackBerry is still operating in “troll” mode, something that probably only gets worse in the coming years.


When BlackBerry used Android, we expected it to stop aggravating the patent and / or approve patents from dubious entities. The BlackBerry patent strategist is now out (may be expelled), but his legacy continues. Based on the one-day press release and the early report of a news site on BlackBerry, there is another patent patent that stinks familiar (similar to previous offers):

BlackBerry continues to sign new patent licensing agreements and the latest announcement is a strategic license agreement with Teletry. As part of the agreement between Teletica and BlackBerry, Teletry has the right to sublicense a wide range of BlackBerry patents to most of the world’s smart phone manufacturers.

Based on the subsequent coverage of larger news sites (eg [1, 2]), BlackBerry has entered into a strategic patent licensing agreement with Teletry. Under the agreement, Teletry can license a large number of BlackBerry patents to smart phone manufacturers around the world. The financial terms of the agreement have not yet been announced. ”
You can imagine that BlackBerry gets a modest amount of money and that many of the patents in question are related to the software. BlackBerry has almost nothing more than patents; other companies have nothing better to say / talk to their shareholders (bragging about their patent rights in press releases).

It is not only sad; It is very dangerous because BlackBerry patents will probably be transmitted to some trolls in large numbers in the near future. Nokia already does this.

Two months ago we said that Apple is the next BlackBerry, because they follow similar trajectories. Wait and see what happens in the next decade or so.

When it comes to patent news, Apple is currently mentioned in relation to the ITC action against it. Well, do not expect ITC to ever embarrass Apple (Apple is American like ITC), but the perspective is worth entertaining. This is how an Apple advocacy site mentioned it four days ago:

The US International Trade Commission has stated that it has investigated many of Apple’s current and previous products using Screen Sharing and AirPlay Mirroring following complaints from a company and its licensed subsidiary that develops remote access solutions independent of the platform.

Shortly thereafter, even the largest editors wrote about it , generally based on reports like those of Reuters:

The US International Trade Commission said on Tuesday it had launched an investigation into allegations of patent infringement by Apple Inc. on several devices.

That sounds like BlackBerry less than a decade ago. When BlackBerry had a large volume of business, many patent trolls and small businesses were looking for a share of the profits. Now it’s Apple, but as Apple gets smaller, it becomes a less attractive target and quickly becomes a target, that is, a dying company whose last ‘trick’ is a ‘blackmail’ of ‘innovation’ to ‘monetize’ (to use the strange terminology of the patent industry).

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