BlackBerry Defends the Relationship with Federal States After Ottawa has Selected Android and iOS Devices

By | November 19, 2017

BlackBerry Ltd. went on the offensive to defend his relationship with the Canadian government after the IT department in Ottawa said it would allow employees to turn their BlackBerry phones into more modern mobile devices.


Shared Services Canada will gradually provide 43 federal departments with new smartphone options, including Samsung Android and iOS devices. Ottawa opens its old exclusive relationship with BlackBerry from Waterloo, Ontario. The company no longer makes favorite telephones for governments and organizations that are concerned about security around the world.


BlackBerry stopped last year with the design and production of its own devices after its share in the global market had dropped to almost 0 percent. When he switched to software sales, he relied heavily on his reputation for high security and regularly promotes his relationships with governments as proof of his leadership in the field.


BlackBerry stresses that any implication that the Ottawa movement marks the end of an era “can not be farther from the truth,” spokeswoman Sarah McKinney said in an e-mail Monday after The Globe and Mail reported the change for the first time.

The government will continue to use the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management platform to manage all its devices and BBM messages and to share and analyze B security information, McKinney said.

“Ultimately, this policy change is not the end of everything for BlackBerry … we hope to provide the government of Canada and its people the highest level of security in the future.”

Shared Service Canada agreed that it did not abandon the BlackBerry, but said it needed to expand its devices to include more modern models, since the currently offered BlackBerry has been discontinued.
“The customer service departments can choose the mobile device that best suits the needs of each employee, depending on the functionality and the cost of the device, and are responsible for purchasing these devices through the SSC,” said spokesperson Frederica Dupuis in a statement on Tuesday.


Shared Services is working with major security agencies to implement the new devices, Dupuis said. Employees of the government will now be able to choose from a small number of Samsung Android and iOS devices that meet strict security standards.

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