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BlackBerry Bighlights Samsung Devices, Google Android to Channel Partners

By | November 26, 2017

Channel partners will leverage BlackBerry’s partnerships with Google and Samsung to grow their own quality businesses, executives claimed throughout the BlackBerry Security Summit in ny town last week.



During the event, Steve Clarey, alliance director at BlackBerry, aforementioned channel partners will faucet Google’s golem OS, at the side of totally different kind factors of Samsung devices, and BlackBerry infrastructure to drive quality business by turning into a trust adviser capable of articulating the choices out there.



“One issue golem additionally provides may be a thanks to grow your existing customers by moving them up the worth suites in terms of our quality suites,” he aforementioned in relevancy BlackBerry’s 5 enterprise quality suite levels.

The executive additionally inspired channel partners present to push customers toward BlackBerry property, associate degree app that streamlines behind-the-firewall access with a layer of encoding for company information in transit, or to adopt applications associated with BlackBerry Dynamics, the vendor’s mobile app instrumentation.



“That’s how of moving customers which will be at a lower price suite to the next price suite.


Therefore do not ignore existing customers and also the chance to introduce golem to maneuver them on the quality curve,” salvia aforementioned.

David Still, manager of golem enterprise at Google, aforementioned Google is additionally operating with channel partners, noting the seller is seeing “vibrant activity” in enterprise quality management and unified termination management (UEM) with Blackberry.



“It’s extremely regarding positive that the walk of readying and configuration that we’re operating terribly closely with those partners to form sure they need all the technical resources they have to try and do a fortunate readying all the promoting resources they might have to be compelled to observe golem in ways in which area unit somewhat consistent and have sales support,” he said.



It’s also necessary that whereas commerce thousands of devices, Samsung additionally discusses the advantages of the golem OS and its relationship with Google, in addition as Blackberry, Still said.



“From a customer’s perceptive they need to envision all 3 folks return to that…unified vision and a awfully consistent story as a result of if we do not, then it’s like associate degree awful mess,” he said.



Ram Motipally, senior director of Samsung Knox, admitted he detected lots of jokes once folks learned BlackBerry and Samsung were operating along in 2014. However, he aforementioned with many shoppers in banks and government agencies investing BlackBerry infrastructure for years, collaboration created sense.



“If for numerous reasons we should always to require jump into, if there is a play for USA to be ready to win over customers that Samsung devices area unit what they must be deploying and it’s secure, then successive question is however does one manage them? And if they were reaching to keep the simplest UEM infrastructure, then a partnership wherever the UEM infrastructure is functioning seamlessly with our devices became terribly compelling,” he explained.



In addition to integration proprietary technology to differentiate solutions they provide natively, salvia aforementioned the vendors work closely along around technology and engineering via weekly calls wherever groups assess the golem platform and discuss supporting options, in addition as work to align future roadmaps to drive new options.

In addition, the vendors host joint events with channel partners, together with ISVs, and have began to embody resellers and distributors in telesales campaigns, the White House aforementioned.



As a result, the previous cellular phone marketer is increasing into industries wanting to mobilize front employees, like transportation corporations and field services companies.



“The diversity that golem offers once it involves device sorts and kind factors is admittedly a bonus and really opens some new doors for brand spanking new opportunities inside clients that may not be thought-about the normal BlackBerry customer,” salvia aforementioned.



On Google’s finish, Still aforementioned golem is seeing robust enterprise adoption in retail, cordial reception and producing as a result of the collaboration offers capability with totally different device sorts, together with smartphones, ruggedized tablets and alternative “kiosk-type” devices and totally different worth choices.



“Those area unit areas wherever device diversity…makes USA terribly fortunate,” he said.


He aforementioned Google is additionally growing in extremely regulated industries in addition, together with government and insurance and alternative money services.

“People would be shocked at the categories of logos we’re winning along with ,” he said.


Google’s Still additionally claimed golem contains a “more open platform than iOS”, oral communication this enables developers to try and do things that attractiveness to the enterprise market, like log message apps.


“That’s simply one thing iOS does not permit you to do… you’ll use that owing to the extension our partners have through with it,” Still aforementioned.

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