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Apple Could Launch a Larger iPhone X Plus Next Year-2018, Says Report

By | November 14, 2017

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote  a new report on Apple’s plans for next year. According to him, the company will launch three new iPhone devices next year. All have screens edge to edge with a notch.


The successor of the iPhone X can have approximately the same size and shape. According to Kuo, this new iPhone would have a 5.8-inch screen with a density of 458 pixels per inch. These are exactly the same specifications as the current screen on the iPhone X.


But if a 5.8-inch screen is not enough, KGI Securities believes that there will be a larger phone with a 6.5-inch screen. It is also an OLED screen with a pixel density of 480-500 pixels per inch. In other words, there may be a second generation of iPhone X Plus.

Thats not all. Apple will not focus on high-end phones that cost $ 1,000 or more. The company will also launch a successor to the iPhone 8. But Apple plans to bring some of the innovations in the iPhone X to this new device.
This low-end iPhone (but still very expensive) can cost between $ 649 and $ 749 and has an edge-to-edge screen with a notch. But there will be considerations.


For example, you can expect a traditional LCD screen with a lower resolution (around 320 to 330 pixels per inch).

It can have a 6.1-inch screen, making it a bit larger than the iPhone X. And it can have all the sensors for Face ID and Face-Tracking.

Apple works on new phones years before they were revealed. But as always, this report may not be entirely correct. We will learn more about Apple’s iPhone 2018 line in the coming months.

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