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9 Steps to Get Your iPhone 7. Set the Correct Path

By | October 30, 2017

For most iPhone owners, it’s an annual September ritual: update your iPhone to the latest iOS iteration and take a few days to learn all the new features and capabilities of Apple’s latest mobile operating system. And / or maybe even get a new iPhone while you do it, with the new iOS already installed.
In Techlicious we try to update the new iPhone and get the first day of availability so we can guide it through the iOS update and maybe even configure a new iPhone.


If you update the iPhone 7 (6s or SE), we go out of a previous iPhone and congratulations, especially when it’s moving from the battery pigs that were the iPhone 5 and 5s. If you change an Android phone such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we’re sorry, you need to use the Apple for iOS application for moving your data. You will find the application in the Google Play store. (Ignore the low rating of the application, its apparently suspicious 2.5-point rating is mainly due to low rankings left by Android enthusiasts / those who hate Apple).

  1. Back up your previous phone
    Before doing anything else, connect the phone that replaces your PC and open iTunes. Once in iTunes, tap the phone icon (top left of the screen) and back up your PC, which is faster than using Wi-Fi.


  1. Update your new phone to iOS 10.0.2
    Yes, Apple has already released two updates for iOS 10. And make sure your phone is always updated when Apple gives an OS update. Apple updates its iOS to resolve periodic malfunctions, but especially to prevent the security issues that occur from time to time. IPhones are usually safer than Android phones, but only if you update your iPhone. There are numerous Apple fan sites that report regularly when the company publishes a new version of iOS. If you appreciate your security and your phone, try updating your iPhone operating system. Your iPhone works better and becomes safer if you run the most current version of the operating system.
  2. Connect the new phone to your computer to perform the update. The update is downloaded faster from Apple and on your iPhone when you are physically connected to your PC and iTunes via a cable than via Wi-Fi.

Restore backup to your new phone
Click Restore backup. The duration of your restoration depends on the amount of data you have in your previous phone. Even with over 10,000 music tracks, our backup recovery took only about 30 minutes.


  1. Replace your SIM card
    Your phone connects to your carrier’s network through a SIM card, which is placed in a drawer on the right side of the iPhone 6s. Depending on where you have your new iPhone, you need to transfer the SIM card from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Two things: From the iPhone 5, Apple was using a smaller nano SIM card so the micro SIM card of your iPhone 4 or 4s would be too big for your new phone (here’s a list of SIM card cards to be modified to which apple device). Contact your carrier to obtain a new card, if you have not already registered. Secondly, you need a security pin or a small paper roll to push the pinhole and remove the SIM card drawer. Be careful: both the drawer and the new nano SIM card are very small. Make the change on a transparent counter or table to prevent a piece from being lost.


  1. Make sure your phone is activated
    Have you bought your new Apple iPhone or your supplier? In any case, do not assume that your new iPhone will work immediately. Sometimes, whoever sells it, the service will not automatically switch from the SIM card in your current phone to the SIM card in your new phone. Before leaving and using your phone in the real world, turn off Wi-Fi and try to call or access the web. If either or both do not work, call your provider to change the service to your new iPhone. You need the serial number and IMEI numbers of your new iPhone, located both in the iPhone box and in Settings> General> Om, at the bottom.


  1. Change the name of your new iPhone
    When you back up your old phone to a new iPhone, your new iPhone will inherit the name of the old iPhone. In iTunes, when you have the iPhone information on your screen (click on the iPhone icon in the upper left corner), click on the name of the phone at the top of the content list in the upper left corner. If the name is highlighted, you can overwrite it to replace the old name with a new name of your choice. You will see the new name that appears on the iPhone, but not until you disconnect it from the PC. Also, when you send or reply to an email on your iPhone, each email will be predetermined at the bottom with “Sent from my iPhone XX.” To make sure “XX” shows your latest iPhone model, go to Settings> Email> Signature to change what appears below each email you send. Or completely delete the “Sent from my iPhone XX” and / or replace it with something more personal.


  1. Take fingerprints
    If you update from an iPhone 5 or earlier, you will find that your new iPhone will be fingerprinted during installation. Using your fingerprint – what Apple calls at the touch of identification – means that now it is no longer six-digit code should always be carry you want to unlock the phone and the Apple ID does not have to enter every time an apple or payment Buy iTunes.
    During configuration, you are asked to place one of your fingers on the start button, which functions as a fingerprint sensor. I use my thumb Wait until the iPhone tells you to raise your finger and place your finger. This will make the process faster and less confusing. Once the configuration of your iPhone is complete, you can add additional fingerprints. My wife and I put our thumbnail on each of our phones so that we both have access.
  2. Hello Siri, I am
    Siri is, of course, sometimes Apple’s assistant and, sometimes, not always helpful personal assistant, although it is new and improved in iOS 10. With the iPhone 7, you can say “Hi, Siri” from the lock screen to call your attention. This allows you to search for data, call contacts and more from your lock screen, but do not change the settings or unlock your phone. If you are concerned about people who have this type of access to your phone, go to Settings> Type of ID and Access code and scroll down to disable access to certain items, including Siri, from the lock screen. See our guide to make Siri work better.
  3. Apple Pay
    If you are new to Apple 7, you are new to Apple’s payment system. As we already had to pay Apple, we have to enter the 3-digit security number on our map just to move the account to the new phone when Restore backup has been done, so you are not sure if you are asked for a add card to pay Apple during the initial setup when it is updated from a 5 or 5 years or even iPhone 4. Our advice if you are new to Apple payment (gulp!): if you come across it, skip the payment settings Apple until after your iPhone is operational The process is relatively painless – just use the camera phone to capture the card information (which is very good, actually) –


But you want to simply update your iPhone normally.

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