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5 Tips to Manage Your Phone While Traveling Abroad

By | January 29, 2018

“You can not acquire broad, healthy and charitable views of people and things by planting your whole life in a small corner of the world.” These are the words of the famous writer Mark Twain who describes wonderfully why we travel. We do it for fun, fun and to break our daily routine every day.



It is very nice to feel the sun on our backs, or see the wonders that travel can offer us to a new place. Going to a new place is always recorded in our memory and nothing feels good to capture the wonderful moments we have spent as photos or videos and share them with the people we love. We have all the social networks at our disposal and it is a great loss not to share our memory of them.


Also, when we are strangers in the new place, we always look for maps to navigate our roads through the landscapes. All this is possible today with just one click on our mobile phones. It helps us find places to our liking through navigation, captures photos and videos and allows us to be connected with our good friends and family. Therefore, it is very important to treat our phones efficiently so that there is not enough juice when we need it most.

Tips for managing your phone: –
1.0 The first thing to do is download a travel application such as Hopper, Kayak or NobelApp. This application shows the best offer in the whole place you are visiting, including taxi fares, hotel prices and air fares. Some applications like NobelApp also offer promotional offers that make your trip quite cheap.

2.0 Using your phone is a necessity while traveling and can quickly drain your battery. You may not find a charging point and you may miss important opportunities for a long time. To solve this problem, you should always have an extra set of batteries and a power bank so that your phone can remain charged while traveling and you do not have to miss missed opportunities.

3.0 When you travel to another place, calling home is very expensive. Always take an international business card such as Nobel Phone Cards to resist the situation. It makes you cheap calls and offers excellent reception, even if you travel outside of your home network.

4.0 Try getting a local SIM card to avoid making large expenses on your roaming SIM card. You can get many offers on local SIM cards that can make your trip more economical.

5.0 Always carry extra memory cards to store the photos and movies you clicked on, so you do not have to compromise the memories of the most enjoyable moments.
Traveling also makes you vulnerable to the enormous costs and security of your belongings in a foreign country. You should always look for adequate travel insurance and include your devices to avoid accidents. After all, you did not go on vacation just to return from anguish and disappointment.

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