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3 Ways A strong personal brand increases your Developer career success

By | September 12, 2017

Today I woke up to a news release about Suave – Unilver from the platform shampoo brand. Unilever puts Suave in a stylish new package, added a grand prize, called it “Evause” and sent him to the influential beauty (basically people who say millions of consumers who are great to buy) for their opinion / test. Most influences focused on the quality of shampoo and classified as a product of luxury hair care or, in other words, a premium brand.

Now, let’s not forget – “Evause” is a fake brand and shampoo that drops influences is the same quality is no different than the cheaper store buys variety. So, what influences affect the labeling price? In one word, the packaging.

Personal brand is the equivalent of packaging for people.
A personal brand helps you show the best version of yourself to the world. He dresses you, relieves his power and influences people to give him a chance that he can not otherwise do. But you have to do it right. It must be the authentic version of you based on your own actions and history.

Let’s talk about some situations where a real and strong personal brand can help you achieve your goals.


Scenario 1: Creating credibility for a boot

You start a digital business driven by technology, hoping to do business with a total stranger – in your own website, in an e-commerce platform, through smartphone applications – in all respects, except face to face. Your company has no track record to trust and there are no customer testimonials to talk about. And it’s unlikely that you will get customers until you convince them to trust you.

Of course, you’ve clearly explained the privacy and shipping policies and repayments and expect you to tell people, “Hello, I’m honest.” But people do not just want to take their word for it. They want to make their own thoughts. So how do you help them decide?

You lend credibility. Build trust by using your personal brand. People do not buy from companies. People buy people. Connect with your visitors on a personal level.
Here are the minimum information you need to share:

  • Name, contact details, references (also known as short CV)
  • Achievements and successes of his past roles and career
  • Glimpse of your personality and life experiences


  • The story of why you choose to do what you do.
  • Photos of you and your team so that people can give an eye to your business


Consider all of the above as your basis of credibility. Then, to get real trust build on that basis:

  • Submit your values ​​/ convictions to your site
  • Are you in a position? Function on your site.
  • Give credit where owed. Recognize your intellectual / emotional / inspirational debt.
    In a nutshell – You are much more than an entrepreneur or business maker. Help people see you as a person, as someone they would like to connect with. Use your personal brand to give credibility to your new business.

Scenario 2: accelerates career advancement of a professional
Google Employers. It is so inevitable as death and taxes. Create social proofs and make it easier for current and potential employers to see their value. Create focused content that shows your expertise and positions you as a trusted advisor in your domain.

Here are some ways to build a social test:

• Write articles / case studies / trend pieces for high traffic and high commitment sites, respected in your industry and domain.
• Offer to write a guest blog for reputable blogs / sites that trust your audience.
• Publish relevant topics in chat groups and discussion forums
• Write your own blog.


In a nutshell: the more specific content created and posted on high traction sites, the more you will see as expert advisor and more value to your employers. Keep your name visible on reputable sites and see your career surplus quickly.

Scenario 3: Re-entering the workforce after a break
If you have taken a long break and want to return to the workforce, future employers are concerned about the timeliness of their skills and the speed with which they can join the team. In order to even get an interview, you need to put those concerns ahead. This is where your personal brand – built on your domain knowledge and experience – comes into play.

Some reasonable ways to build a brand are:
• Maintain a personal blog, where current trends, news and knowledge about your industry meet.

  • Participate in competitions, hackers, gaming platforms, etc. That are relevant to your skills
    • Organize a podcast by interviewing trends and influencers in your domain
  • Use social platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. – Connect to groups dedicated to your experience and actively participate in discussions


Bottom Line – When you return to staff, you must show that your skills are topical and valuable. This is the time to present a personal brand based on deep knowledge.
Sonali Raval is a business communications professional who has helped global leaders such as Cisco, Ericsson and Quintiles bring their business messages to life. She builds her corporate brands, both organizational and personal, helping her discover and tell her best stories. She also trains business leaders to deliver unforgettable presentations and increase their personal brands.

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