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10 Small known features of iOS 11

By | August 6, 2017

It’s the most exciting day of the year for Apple fans – the first day of the WWDC 2017, and the speech that reveals the latest iOS updates and new hardware.


Not surprisingly, there was a lot of attention in newer Apple MaciOS, watchos and TViOS, plus iPad Pro and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Either way, it’s the big update of the iPhone programming that we really amped – yes, it’s the ideal opportunity for iOS 11.

To drag the interwebs to know exactly what your phone and iPad will enjoy the next important redesign, we’ve included the best pieces of iOS 11 suitable here…

Siri smarter

Siri has gradually increased as more is used and learning how it goes. IOS 11 will see a noticeable touch in the office mind for the artificial intelligent assistant.
Siri will now use more about your tendencies and iPhone, giving it a better understanding. Also offer superior blend on their gadgets, constantly learning in light of what he’s doing on IOS, watchos, TVOS and iCloud.

The voice has improved and is now more human, with the ability to contain different words for a word with the same meaning, for example.

Tuning means logical Siri can search in Iceland on a program, then would be if that news related stories opens Iceland. It even works for keyboard and outside Iceland provide related words for you, Understanding.

Work Apple Music:

Another year, another renewal of Apple Music. At this time, Apple has the opportunity to see what their colleagues are tuned to, so you can find new melodies.
The update also allows different applications to reach the concept of music. That means that Shazam could find a song and, of course, add to the library, for example.

Pay friends with Apple Pay

You should now be able to pay direct payments to other customers to pay Apple based on the shared payments support in IOS 11.

This allows you to meet colleagues, so you can pay the fees, drinks; the chip can pay in meetings and more with a couple of phone rings. This entire works within the messaging application, so you can send or order only cash, this is put in that time that the individual apple cash payment card is moved to a bank to pay for others or for things. All this works with Touch ID for its validation, and would even be possible in the Apple clock.

Cards become safer and smarter

Apple maps have been moved to offer and walk through more depth in a better navigation in the car.

Now customers can zoom into shopping centers and air terminals to observe the interior, and even pass plants – perfect to make your walk to your door for a flight. But do not try to anticipate that this will show up outside the US. For a while.

The navigation speed has breakpoints and highway direction for the less demanding drives included. If you use the Apple Car mode, you are aware of the comments and the phone will respond automatically even to people who come in contact with you to tell you that you are driving. In addition, there is a crisis mode that gives people the opportunity to push through that layer in touch with you if they really need it.

HomeKit AirPlay 2 update
The HomeKit class of speakers will finally love it as refreshment with AirPlay 2nd which gives customers the opportunity to create a framework for multiple rooms at that point in IOS.

This implies that you can play on the specific speakers in the house that sleeps inside Apple Music. You can even use the Apple TV as a speaker and music from that point operated using Siri.

New App Store
It is forced to pass, but Apple has finally repaired the App Store.
You get a section to launch today, so you can see what’s new for that day. Segments are also included for games and applications. This allows you to discover less demanding content, in addition, the authors give to place opportunity shopping applications in that place.

Audits and ratings of the star will also be explained clearly, so you might find that it is best to do what you need.

Control center

Apple has iOS Control Center for 11 redesigned to make everything much easier. Currently, all the symbols in your page control center uncover a page. This makes it super basic, but based on 3D touch, you can also use the symbols for additional internal and external controls. There are even symbolic movements and associations that place, for example, advanced scroll bars for volume.

Camera and photos

Apple has sent documents to save space. This implies more space on your device, as well as records for smaller parts less demanding and less expensive.
The images are not in H.264, but are currently reserved as to allow HEVC documents. Photos that are JPEG, are being removed as heir. This means that the recorded images much of the size they had before, and offered a comparable level of value. Above all they can be shared easily and are good with different devices, says Apple.

Apple files
This application gets all your files and even works with applications from outside like Dropbox or Google Drive, so they have been placed all over the board. Of course, this also works through your Apple devices through iCloud

Augmented reality

Apple has improved intelligence actually added to the operating system 11 iOS that allows engineers to create surprising encounters, which distort the world.
Macintosh demonstrated a 3D video on a table that showed a fight with seaplanes, detonating structures and that is just the tip of the iceberg, while an iPad come with an iPad. This was excellent, and comes from Peter Jackson’s dedicated studio. This could be the beginning of a new radical flood of distractions.

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