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With Apple iOS 8 on the wings, what is your verdict on iOS 7?

By | July 30, 2017

Almost a year ago, Apple introduced a radical new image for its iOS mobile software. The reactions mix – but almost everyone seems to use it. Are you accustomed or do you do things?

His introduction had caused a great deal of debate: it was the first time Jonathan Ive, the old hardware design at Apple, gave his approval to software. Primary colors, “flat” design, and thinner text, performance gesture based: it was a radical reorganization of the previous seven years project.

However, registration was fast, even in October last year were two thirds of the compatible devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – is already in use. Now the figure is 88%, according to Apple’s figures for 10% in IOS 6 and 2% in previous versions. (In the US, the figure is 91.75%, according to Mixpanel, with 7.10% and 1% with iOS 6 using earlier versions.)

In a few days Apple is going to see some of the new iOS 8 features at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. This is the software version, which is expected in the fall.

Happy, sad, indifferent?

But are the people happier than she was not happy? On the other hand, have there been complaints of continued use that was not obvious? Did they get bright primary colors and lack of scheuomorfisme culture in their life? If they have more roses?
It’s time for some file shots: what’s the bug in iOS 7, since it has the first place?
What about the features added in iOS 7 – like “launch from the air”, where content (such as pictures) between devices can forward – How is it used? Or an unlimited number of pages in Safari (and reading list, which can be viewed online)?

Or about how to slide – between Safari pages (to go back and scroll through the pages you’ve visited), emails (scroll right to get a menu that includes delete, left a message back to the mailbox Mail), or pages in applications such as Echofon or train times (which if you read an individual page, left back to the previous one – not left up “backwards”)? For me, it points to a big screen phone in the works (iOS 7 so it is customary to use it) – but use that action?

Is the “mate” in layers of transparency useful or annoying? Do you want that you can change the items in the Control Center (which can be reached by folding) – for example, could you include your favorite applications, not just the clock, flashlight, calculator and camera?

Use your ‘frequent’ places (can you give travel time estimates between ‘Home’ and ‘Working Daughter’ and other places you visit frequently?) Is Siri better (or dared to ask) Tickets?

More deeply

What about the deeper technologies introduced as multiple connecitiviteitsraamwerk, which ‘out-of-network’ can be called through applications such as Chat Fire? How is it used? There is also improved multitasking, the ability to always work in the background of some applications. Useful? Or vampire on the drums?

With security in the minds of many people, you have used the iCloud keychain, which ensures usernames, credit card information, access credentials for Wi-Fi networks and account details – essentially an administrator Of passwords?

Then there is the “iCloud activation” lock (the phone is stolen, and someone tries to delete and re-sell, can not penetrate them without Apple’s ID and password, which was originally used to configure it). It has helped? The “Trusted Devices” setting (which is not much requested) asked you to trust a computer when you connect to the unlocked phone. (If the phone is locked, the default device will not be trusted.)
Be careful, my friend?

Passbook (Apples method for storing electronic tickets, etc.) has also added a QR scanner. Used anytime? What about Facebook Audio, Apple’s Effective VoIP Deals?
Finally, there is Touch ID – not a feature of iOS 7 itself, but the iPhone 5S. How is it used to unlock the phone and shop at the iTunes Store? Or is it just a nuisance?
Let us know your thoughts about your use of iOS 7 in the comments.

And one more thing: what is the only new feature you want to see love in iOS 8? Just one – so make it good.

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