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Why Jailbreak your iPhone?

By | March 30, 2018

After a long wait for many users of Apple devices, a group calling themselves “evad3rs” has released a free jailbreak for all devices currently running iOS 6-6.1. This includes the mini-iPhone 5 and iPad models for the first time.

Since the first days of the iPhone, Apple has been very strict in the way it manages its product, software and ecosystem, and not without reason. The iPhone and the other subsequent iDevices offer a user experience that is absolutely better than anything else on the market. That’s great for the average consumer because it’s an easy to use but powerful device. But what about those of us who are not the average consumer? What happens if we want an uninhibited smartphone experience? It is easy for people to say “just buy an Android phone”, but some of us want an Apple device, just without the restrictions. That is where jailbreaking comes in

A completely new world of applications
There is no doubt that the Apple App Store is full of wonderful applications; There are not many who say that it is not the best application store in the world. As with every system controlled by Apple, it has its limitations. The strict rules imposed on developers mean that many applications are rejected by technical details and some things are simply not allowed. This makes it a catalog of quality applications, but can be missing in some areas.

The Cydia app store, which is usually installed as part of the jailbreak process, contains all kinds of applications that have been rejected from the official app store or that have never been sent, because the developers know that they contain content or functionalities that Apple does not allow. This means that Cydia applications can often do things that you could only dream of on an iPhone without a jailbreak.

Deep customization
It’s been a long time since Apple launched the iPhone, so users could do even the most basic adjustments, such as changing the background or setting a personalized ringtone. Fortunately, these limitations were lifted long ago, but unfortunately it did not go any further. Without jailbreak, iPhone users have a tough battle to make their device personal.

With a theme platform called “winterboard”, available through Cydia, users can fully customize the appearance of their phone; from the application icons to the dock and the style of the iphone dialer. Functionality settings are also available, allowing users to customize the way things like the multitasking switch work and add useful things, such as fast swipe to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off.

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