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What’s New Trend In the Development of Android Applications?

By | November 6, 2017

The internet tree has made us experience an explosion of mobile applications. And as technology advances, the Internet, mobile phones and mobile applications, none of these can survive without a continuous progression towards something new, extraordinary, that is, something that drives it forward.


With the need to create increasingly advanced custom applications, the need to employ Android application developers that take into account what is fashionable and bright has also increased.


While these developers are great, let’s take a look at what strikes you as some of the most promising trends in today’s Android application development:

Portable devices:
Portable has changed our lives today. Just when we thought that making portable technology would be great, the laptop took over the portability of the technology and, therefore, the development of Android applications to new heights. Whether it is medical brands or, more generally, sport brands and physical exercise that surround us, portable technology with different sensors has become very common.
And then there are applications that support such devices. These applications are designed to work with your algorithm with the portable device, providing the result or information you are looking for directly on the screen of your mobile device. Android application developers almost always want to work with such technology.


Beacon Technology:

One of the most surprising applications of what was initially available for iOS devices, Beacon Technology, is now being manufactured by almost all Android application development companies. It’s a recent trend that is quite impressive throughout the Android application development program.

One of the most recognized features of this technology is the ability to easily track a location and its multifunctional. Some of the most well-known Beacon technology applications are the detection of any type of danger in hotels instead of the traditional hotel room’s keys, to improve the connections of the clients in the airports detecting some airlines, the temperature of a particular location and even some of the biggest retailers.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:
That is the hype of AR and virtual reality that people are looking to recruit special developers of Android applications, which in turn increases the technology of mobile applications even higher. The exaggeration, however, we can never say that it is in vain. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has really been a cornerstone of the technology we use today.

With VR you can create a completely new type of reality for end users. It is an advanced technology that allows a person to feel a situation like real life, by stimulating hearing and vision. It is widely used in fields such as movies (to make 3D movies), games, entertainment, pilot flight simulators, and so on. AR, on the other hand, stimulates the sense of hearing, feeling and smell in a person, making them confuse a little about what is real and what is not.


The development of Android applications has therefore been found for AR in various areas, such as games, video making, and even the medical field to help treat or remotely perform PTSS (posttraumatic stress disorder). .

Immediate applications:
We also developed instant applications by developers of Android apps on Google. Have you ever needed a short-term application until something is done specifically, and then does the application stay there and eat your phone’s memory for no reason?
With this instant-application technology, you can download only part of the application you need, rather than the entire application, with a single click. It will be similar to how the entire website is not loaded; only one web page at a time.


Payment in the application:

We continue to become a moneyless society. And when every modern website is also delivered for the realization of its mobile application, how can Android app developers think about us about payments within the application? Ecommerce and applications go hand in hand today, so online payments are an extremely important part of the Android application development process.

In addition, sellers and buyers benefit from the new Google Android Pay. In particular, the security feature of this application is considered to be better than most, and therefore it is considered a great advantage that users keep their personal information, including credit card / debit card details, free of fear.

The development of Android applications never went on solely on proven methods or ideas; It was always about innovation, uniqueness and periodic updating of current applications. And, like every year, this year, Android technology has also brought new and higher levels, making the world’s largest customers happy.

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