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What are the tips for investing in the Mobile application market?

By | August 22, 2017

The application market is usually controlled by smartphones. We are seeing the advent of thousands of mobile applications entering the market, looking for a place under the competition. So no one knows when applications are viral and what types of applications result in successful downloads. This year we saw the game applications that dominate the market, such as the formidable Pokemon Go and the last Super Mario Run. Investors in this market are always excited to look for the next big thing to happen to the market.


The space of the application market is dominated by venture capitalists (VCs). Find the majority of users or get information or information. It is better to compare the experience with that of a movie, whether you are watching it or not. It is always a better investment for a larger company, which has already achieved a number of achievements in the mobile application space.

Investing in an application is to cultivate relationships, creating a complete internal work with the founder. There are no perfect applications because they are the first attempts and most of them are still changing.

However, before investing in the application market, you have to consider certain factors, which are:

Cross-polling applications

There are two hard parts about the market based on the application. First, the download of the application comes and it will be more difficult to open the applications more than once. Multiple third-party applications are stimulated by many applications, rather than just standalone applications.


Importance of the trend

Messaging applications are the latest trends because they allow the user to talk to each other without even looking at each other. Snapchat and iMessenger are the types of Messenger applications, allowing collaboration between friends. Amazon Zappos really helps to buy with friends.


The safest bets are the food and drink applications. You get important information about the recipe, the nearest restaurants or the food you eat. We see that most applications in the food and beverage category are popular, but those that do not have conversations between humans are the ones that work well.
However, investors can not predict the success of the application, similar to what happened to Pokemon Go.

Considering the diversification
The risk of individual companies is reduced by the diversification of several application companies. Companies are trying to improve in the mobile application market. The limit on the number of applications stored is based on the phone’s memory. Therefore, the more applications are downloaded, the better the opportunities to forget about other applications.

Consideration of ETFs

Investors are also interested in Emerging Growth Technologies (ETFs). The portfolio is based on apps, chosen for discretion that you can easily lose.
It is not always true that the most interesting applications are successful. Trained investors will always be equipped with tools of probabilities, but human nature is rather unpredictable. So if the user really finds the idea of ​​the application really or simply refuses to accept the idea because something worth downloading is just a matter of coincidence. Your decision about the application becomes wiser if you know the trends better. Many companies in the application market are private companies; Investors should take a look when they become public based on strong invertible qualities.

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