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Upgrade your iPhone to correct this vulnerability to Wi-Fi

By | July 30, 2017

A problem with the Wi-Fi iPhone should let hackers take over devices and blocked people, according to the company in the latest iphone update.

Apple has released a security update that addresses a problem with the Wi-Fi chip in the iPhone, which could have allowed cyber criminals to access a phone while searching for a connection.

Using the problem, hackers can find phone with Wi-Fi, remote the chip that improves Wi-Fi, and the device crashed.

Android devices were also affected by the problem, called the Broadpwn, and Google released an update earlier this month. Described as a “critical” error that affected many devices brands like Samsung and HTC.

Apple released a solution to exploit Broadpwn in an update that has 46 additional failures in IOS 10. They include mistakes in messages correcting, Safari, Notifications, and Contacts, but also as a way of taking over devices using WebKit. Users apply the update to protect their devices against potential cybercriminals being advised.


At a Glance | Tips to protect your iPhone against hackers

  1. Use a security PIN or fingerprint
    By blocking the screen, your sensitive data and applications protected against interference

2) Use a longer password
Go to your intelligence app, then “Touch ID and password” and set “simple code” outside. It allows you to create a longer, more complex password with capital letters, numbers and other symbols

3) Activate self-destruction
You can tell your phone to erase all the data when you suspect someone is trying to log in. You can delete the data settings on the same page – this will clean the phone after ten incorrect guesses of the PIN

4) Increase privacy settings
Go to the Settings application and click the Privacy tab. Here you can see which applications have rights, and convert them on / off.

5) Disable notifications

The ability to view a summary of notifications on the lock screen is useful, but if you give away personal or confidential data then you can get into trouble. Remember, it will display the content of the messages you receive, your daily agenda and various other things. You can configure alerts to hide the contents of iMessage and WhatsApp messages

6) Disconnect Siri off when it is locked,

Siri can leak data, even when the phone is locked. Go to Settings, then press ID and Access Key ‘and put’ Access Lock ‘Siri to Off.

7) The type itself

Autocomplete is a very useful feature that does exactly what it says on the tin: Safari whenever you see a box asking you for your name, username, password or credit card numbers details, fill them out for you. This is fine, unless someone is using your phone. To turn it off, go to Settings, General, and “Passwords and fill in automatically.”


The problem of Wi-Fi was discovered by Nitai Artenstein, a security researcher in Exodus Intelligence. Other key issues that Apple has now resolved were discovered by Google Project Zero, independent researchers and Apple.

Apple regularly publishes an update that resolves security bugs before exploiting them. Earlier this year he published an urgent solution to a series of spy bugs revealed by Wikileaks files on the safe 7.

iPhone update giant advises users to always keep the latest software to keep their devices safe. Other tips include having strong code, unique access, disabling notifications, and turning off Siri when the phone is locked.

10.3.3 iOS update comes just a few months before the company published iOS 11, the software is designed for the iPhone 8. The latest phone phone is Apple Pay, a control center and revamped notifications, and a “Do Not Disturb while driving mode.”

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