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Tips for Data Protection: How to Run a Secure Business

By | March 18, 2018

Protecting yourself and your customers online has never been a more fundamental element of business management. With cyber attacks increasingly prominent, the truth is that cybercrime is now a problem that affects all companies that use an online presence. A data breach can affect your business in different ways, and while this may not mean the end of your business, it can have a dramatic effect on your field. Losing the data that your customers and suppliers trust can have a big impact on your business reputation and it can be difficult to return. Keeping yourself and the people around you safe can be a fairly simple task, and it’s not always about exercising with the safe use of technology.


Identify what you have
There is no point in establishing a sound security policy if you do not know what you are protecting. Often, employers do not know how much data they store, and it is vital that they not only stay informed, but also make sure that their company does not violate any data storage laws. The inventory of your stored data can often surprise you and also make you realize that you need to clean the data regularly.

Use the cloud
Having a practical cloud-based service provider can save you a lot of security problems. A customized service that uses encryption tools and updated anti-malware software is the best way to protect you from online attacks. One of the most important factors when switching to the cloud is that service providers like also allow you to back up systems so you can reduce the risk of very damaging data loss in case of an online attack malicious.

Employee safety
Having the best employees around you is one of the most important elements for a successful business, but you must make sure that you are not only good at the job for which you were hired, but also that you are aware of your safety. . A large number of high profile cyber attacks are caused by employees, with lost devices and weak password security, which are the main sources of data loss.


Make sure that each training you offer is practical and comprehensive, and make sure your staff knows your responsibilities when it comes to your online management. Sometimes it’s easy to teach them how to create a secure password, or the importance of keeping their devices synchronized safe and secure. Although we can assume that the staff does not click on the external link sent by email, you may be surprised by the number.


Paying attention to the data you are tracking is the first step in identifying weaknesses in your online security and the best way to make decisions about what you need to optimize your security and protect those around you. . Make sure you know the data retention laws and protect yourself so you can focus on your profit margins.

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