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Things help to accept the application in the App Store!

By | October 30, 2017

There are more than 1.5 million applications in the Apple Store. The percentage of applications that Apple has annulled annually exceeds 55% and all those applications are rejected for some reason. However, if you want to develop a mobile application for your commercial promotion and sales, be sure to do everything necessary for approval.

The following is the list of things that must be considered for the application to be approved in iTunes.

Every detail must be completed. Insufficient information is one of the main reasons for rejection. Experts say that each feature of the application must be clearly worked out and instructions must also be given if the application is to be used in a specific way. It is also useful to deliver a demo video to transfer the correct way to install and configure it.

The application must be thoroughly tested because Apple does not accept any application that contains an error or an error. According to reports, more than 8% of applications decrease for this reason. To ensure that the application contains no errors or errors, you must register to obtain some beta testers. Beta tests allow you to disinfect your application.

Apple places great emphasis on applications that are attractive, easy to navigate and easy to use. In fact, Apple creates applications with an excellent user interface in the popular App Store list. Therefore, the recommendation of mobile application developers is that the application should not have a complex navigation.

You must make sure to add relevant metadata for your application to the store. Meta Data contains the name of the application, the description and screenshots of the application. The metadata must match the content and functionality of the application so that the store does not find anything irrelevant.


Name of the application

It is very important to pay attention to the name of the application because the application is recognized by its name. Many applications are rejected because their name does not match those of the store and the device. Therefore, the name of the application must be the same in iTunes and on the device.


Therefore, the above are the guidelines to accept the application in iTunes. In addition, experts recommend that you do not send similar applications repeatedly to avoid frequent rejection. You must ensure that your application has valuable content or functionality for your target users.

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