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There is a huge price to pay to not bore the iPhone 8

By | July 13, 2017

Some people labeled the iPhone 7 as “boring” as soon as it became clear that the design would be almost identical to the previous version despite being not a model “S”. But the device is anything but boring, and only a few other phones are able to offer an experience as an impressive smartphone.


About a year later, nobody can say that the iPhone 8 will represent a slight update by 2017. However, models of the iPhone 8 “exciting” mean that the user will pay a huge price for. And then I’m not just talking about money.


Because the iPhone 8 features features that have not previously seen on an iPhone and could eventually pack a technology not available on another competition authority device also means that you pay a price with another currency: time. You will have to wait to actually get one. Apple is getting fooled up to four million pieces of iPhone 8 will be available at launch, and supply constraints extend beyond Christmas.


The worst forecast says the iPhone 8 could not reach stores until the end of November.
In addition, a new report just told us that some features may be disabled at launch because Apple is still not satisfied with the way they work. That means you have to wait to use them even if they manage to find an iPhone 8 launch day. Wireless charging finally comes to the iPhone, but will not be turned on at launch, she said John Gruber a few days ago. Instead, it will be made possible by updating IOS 11.1 and last year’s portrait mode.


A source of Fast Company, Apple is also in panic about the 3D scanning sensor, according to which some will replace Touch ID on the phone. Apple 3D sensor must also be turned on by an update in the future if Apple can not get to work reliably.
The OLED screen that occupies almost the entire front of the iPhone is also a source of concern and could lead to delays. Samsung is the only company that can meet Apple’s volume requirements, but a recent report says that only three or four million screens could be shipped in time for launch.


The piece of technology that nobody was brave enough to make a phone this year is a fingerprint sensor placed under the screen. The Touch ID sensor would delay the production of OLED iPhone 8, assuming Apple is still planning to record on the screen.

Finally, Apple also encountered problems storage according to another report. Presumably, Apple had signed an agreement with Samsung to be the third largest NAND flash memory for iPhone series this year.


The features of signing the “exciting” iPhone 8 full-screen display, a screen OLED possibly a fingerprint sensor, a front-facing camera with 3D depth detection and recognition of faces and wireless edges, Of that, only wireless charging also comes to mobile phones iPhone 7 and the iPhone Plus 7s also feature a dual rear-wheel camera lens like the iPhone 8.

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