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The new leak iPhone 8 exploits next generation technology from Apple

By | July 3, 2017

iphone-generationsAlthough iPhone 8’s arrival could be discussed, Apple is expected to announce its flagship mobile phone for 2017, along with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus in September. It is definitely under development now, and the most recent leak shows how Apple can improve the current iPhone generations package while using a proven and reliable technology Cupertino.
Through the smart connector – currently sitting along the edge of the machines Pro iPad – Tim Cook and his team are able to point out another difference iPhone 8 updates for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well as providing many more options will His expansion.
Certainly, the smart connector would be compatible with accessories for different iPad Pro models, creating many more options for the fall and keyboard manufacturers (two popular areas). During the product lifetime, the largest user base should provide higher production cycles and a better economy for peripheral manufacturers.
Because the magnetic nature of the electrical contacts, the port can also be used for VR or AR service more convenient and easy to use. There is much talk about Apple using the smartphone in 2017 to explore new virtual or extended realities, it can be manipulated into the smart plug that is more convenient than a lightning cable connector – transfer rate bidirectional data is a potential area.
It is also said that the smart connector will also allow wireless charging to be used. Given Apple’s recent recruitment in this space and its membership of the Wireless Power Consortium, this really sounds, but I hope to be included in the smartphone and not its own snap-on adapter.


The past few weeks have seen the expected specification list of allegedly named iPhone 8 losing some of the key features. The addition of smart connector will create an important point of differentiation in the iPhone’s iPhone portfolio in September. Many will be the new set of iPhone as little more than bumps on chip specifications and speeds, which means that the smart connector will be an important area to promote a new development for the iPhone.
In addition, they also open the question about the handset name. If you think Apple is in the process of revitalization of naming, the addition of intelligent connector means that we would be seeing the iPhone Pro.

Have to be coupled with smart charging connection is NOT the same as “wireless charging” – make sure there are “cables” but that’s not what most people expect when it comes to wireless charging. They just wait the phone (either in a certain area or on a carpet) and loaded without being placed in a certain direction.

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