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The battle of operating systems, Android Vs iOS

By | August 21, 2017

Android is Google’s software, while iOS is Apple’s software. iOS software can only be used on Apple devices while Android is used in different devices from different companies like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. iOS software makes it easier to use compared to Android because of its unique designs and elements uniform.
Both operating systems bring products to life. Android was created by Google, and iOS was developed by Apple. If you are in a competitive market, you must be different, but which one is best for you? To review, consider these three major categories.


Android provides almost unlimited access and allows you to customize settings according to preferences. Applications, lock screens and shortcuts have unlimited options. IOS is not so flexible. Although this means that a product that works with iOS is less likely to be corrupted by the user, it also means less freedom to do what you want with it. Android exceeds iOS when it comes to personalization.

For iOS users, with limited media, it’s hard to spoil. Android freedom comes with complexity. IOS comes uniform on all its products. I can be sure my 71-year-old grandmother gets an iPad, and I probably would not fight her. Android works best for people who are a bit tech savvy, and for those who want something more unique. If you need a user-friendly interface, Apple may be the right choice.

Another important factor is safety. Because iOS is uniform for all products, this means that it is much easier to update devices and to fix security patches. Android is used in many products and different companies, which means that security patches are slower and often require more patches and settings, so the user is vulnerable.
So what’s better? Although Android can boast they are the best in customization and compatibility, iOS can get a better user interface and security. Consider your needs to determine what type of product best suits your needs and your lifestyle.



Comparing these programs in terms of devices that are very expensive in iOS compared to Android. Android now uses more software in the world. Most phones, people use, run on Android, while only Apple devices are managed by IOS. Here, let’s first compare Android with iOS:


Google powered
Powered apple
The source model is open
The source model is close to open source elements
Transferring files is very easy. Can also host Windows Phone
Tough compared to Android. There is no option available to share in other programs
The Google Play Store offers apps to run on this software
Apple Store providing those apps on iOS
There are 32 languages ​​available
There are 34 languages ​​available


Battery life and battery management can be improved by phone variations
IOS devices do not contain much larger batteries and have a control temperature too short.


Security is not tight due to third-party applications (Nexus and third-party application developers of Amazon type)

Phone security and software is scarce because data never goes out instead of keeping the device and app store for home (Apple Store)

About the user interface and experience, Android is popular, but iOS devices are considered as an elite part of society due to iPhone’s pricing, strategy, and elegant designs. In general, both programs offer their models and experiences particularly well for people. There is a wide choice of options available so you can choose what you like most; Design and use.


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