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How is your iPhone in good condition

Now that you have your new iPhone, you want to make sure you keep it in good condition. Keeping your iPhone (or other gadget) in shape will ensure you get the best resale value when it’s time to upgrade. It will also help prolong the life of your device and… Read More

Enhanced reality: Apple and the latest version of ios battlefield of Google

This year, the next latest version of ios major battlefield between industry titans smartphones will be augmented reality, as both Apple and Google will publish new phones, cameras and systems designed to deliver the Terminators vision – or Pokémon Go to Steroids – to the masses. Enhanced reality (RA) is… Read More

Benefits of a mobile application solution for your e-commerce business

Mccommerce is the new e-commerce. According to Business Insider, mobile trade in 2020 will account for 45% of total electronic e-commerce, equivalent to $ 284 billion in revenue. Therefore, it’s important to have a mobile application if you want your brand to reach another audience. Magento is considered to be… Read More

Web developers need to know about the new CSS3 features

CSS3 makes it easy for developers to build web applications that look great on computers and mobile devices. Additionally, developers can combine HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create a variety of mobile web applications. Despite being compatible with CSS, CSS3 contains several new modules. These new modules make it easy… Read More

Why do you have to choose mobile websites for mobile applications?

In the world leading to the technologies, there are many mobile users on the desktop, and it is important for organizations to beat the door of mobile platforms. However, the biggest problem is deciding if you want to create a mobile website or start a mobile app. The decision depends… Read More

Planning Web Applications Development

Discovery and e-commerce planning This phase is an important part of the process. Most people start their web application project with a general idea but do not have a clear direction and do not spend much effort or marketing important business and details of project specification and discovery. Since this… Read More

Top 7 Pros and Cons of Mobile Application Development HTML5

Mobile development – is a great time to be involved in this area. And when he was assigned the development of an application, what is better? To handle a mobile application HTML5 or native code instead of writing? The question is the UX user interface and applications that are developed… Read More

The top 10 things to do with a new Android phone and the best Android phone app

There’s nothing about that feeling again by phone. In a minute, you wonder about your plastic and metal plate, and the following, you are in panic about how much work you need to do to set it up and find out how to use it. However, the experience must not… Read More

How to factory rearrange your Android device?

Technical problems, can only establish a factory to see improvements. I had problems with the audio level during the phone calls and a factory refurbishment arranged well. Doing a factory reset does not always solve; however, it is usually the first one that should make customer support inform you in… Read More

Protect Your Smart Phone From Damage – 6 Effective Tips

Nothing hurts more than seeing relics of his smartphone splattered across the floor after a fall. Despite its usefulness, smart phones are quite fragile – too fragile, in fact. They are susceptible to all kinds of damages that can lead to malfunction or even not work at all. Yes, the… Read More