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IPhone SDK: Key Tips to Develop Your First iPhone Application for Apple AppStore

Apple’s AppStore has vastly conquered the mobile gaming industry. So far, phone manufacturers have been angry with their application development, believing that it gave them a competitive edge. Ironically, Apple is known for the strict protection of its own code, which has opened the development of applications for everyone. Before… Read More

Why Do Native Mobile Apps Get Popularity?

Native mobile applications are those that are downloaded and used on their mobile phones. In general, they are encoded in a specific programming language, such as Java for Android and Objective C for iOS. It is known that they offer better performance and high reliability. They can be developed to… Read More

Smart Guidelines to Make Sure Your App is Well Built for iOS 11

With Apple missing its iOS 11 media this year, there were some changes to the platform that unleashed the minds of developers and app owners. How an existing application upgrade or build an impromptu application that is so functional and efficient in iOS 11, became its first concern. For those… Read More

What makes a good mobile app?

The mobile software market is drowning with applications! Gartner says that by 2018 less than 0.01% of all mobile applications will be commercially successful. Do your future applications have a chance in the real cruel world?   There is no such thing as “the best features of the mobile application“;… Read More

What is iOS 10?

When did Apple launch iOS 10? When can you use the beta? What are the new applications and features? Do you have questions, we have the answers! Apple announces iOS 10, the tenth version of its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. As always there are some amazing, new… Read More

What is the iphone wiki?

The iPhone is based on Apple iOS smartphone. The iPhone was announced for the first time on January 29, 2007, with a release date of June 29, 2007. Apple’s first smartphone, and all the following models, use the iOS operating system. Originally released on the Cingular Wireless Network – later… Read More

Software problems in progress with the iPhone 8 wireless charge and the 3D sensor that ‘panic’ Apple cause

If the iPhone’s future release date September 8 quick approaches, Apple’s designers and engineers say it is “feverish” work to solve software problems on the device, which can lead to production delays, reports Of Fast Company. With a source of “knowledge of the situation,” the site says there is a… Read More

IPhone SDK – Tips to develop your first application for the Apple iPhone AppStore

Apple AppStore has the mobile gaming industry by storm. So far, mobile phone manufacturers fearfully monitor their application development, convinced that gave them a competitive edge. Ironically, Apple is known for keeping near their own code that has opened the application development worldwide. Before you start developing your own new… Read More

SDK for iPhone

iPhone SDK also known as “Software Development Kit” for iPhones. Stimulator includes iPhone, Xcode, Interface Builder; Help files and other documents. The entire package comes in a mega 2 GB download for iPhone application developers. The first step in developing an iPhone application, an Apple Inc. product, must register developers… Read More

Uncommon iPhone Problems and Remedies

Users of iPhones problem around the world to learn about the most common problems, including problems related to mobile phone protection and accessories, such as those associated with the headset jack. Apart from these problems are common, however, others are rare, the user can give a lot of problems. Therefore,… Read More