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The Hour of Code application teaches programming skills for iPhone owners

From Candy Crush Saga to Instagram, developing mobile apps is never potentially lucrative. But what about the learning code on a smartphone?   That’s the purpose of Codecademy: Code Time, an iPhone application this week issued by the founders of the American Training Education opleidingscodecademie, whose website teaches people to… Read More

6 ways to increase the security of your mobile application

Continued growth in mobile application development platforms has simplified the entire process of building applications. With advanced methods, simpler plug-ins and intuitive platforms, anyone can now create their own mobile application. However, developing a very useful and enjoyable application is a completely different ball game.   One of the key… Read More

What brings iOS 10 to application developers?

Announced at the WWDC 2016 IOS 10 introduced numerous changes for developers, the most important revolution since 2013. The SDK for iOS brings 10 new APIs and services into this new types and functions of results application. To work on IOS 10, you should use programming using Swift 3 and… Read More

Developer against platform line for SDK

“Do not you think you need some kind of resources to enable people to use third party applications that will run on the iPod, it would be hugely popular to write? “. And I pointed out that it would turn a music player’s iPod into a “platform” – something that… Read More

Why should I invest in Android applications?

To be honest, a mobile application is a cherry on the user experience cake, while conversations and text messages are the most important features of a mobile device. However, an application may be the top priority for a person if you are busy enough. A mobile application can create mercy… Read More

IPhone SDK – Tips to develop your first application for the Apple iPhone AppStore

Apple AppStore has the mobile gaming industry by storm. So far, mobile phone manufacturers fearfully monitor their application development, convinced that gave them a competitive edge. Ironically, Apple is known for keeping near their own code that has opened the application development worldwide. Before you start developing your own new… Read More

Tips for Medical Apps Development

The spread of mobile phones in medical institutions increases as a result of the need for quick access to information because the time value here is associated with people’s lives, no money. Related mobile devices have the way in which hospitals are doing creating an impact on the health revolution.… Read More

Does your business need a android app Build?

The abundance of personal mobile devices has changed consumer expectations about access to information. We hope to find more information about the products always and everywhere. And we are so likely to get that information from some sort of social network like we go straight to a company’s website. This… Read More

The new leak iPhone 8 exploits next generation technology from Apple

Although iPhone 8’s arrival could be discussed, Apple is expected to announce its flagship mobile phone for 2017, along with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus in September. It is definitely under development now, and the most recent leak shows how Apple can improve the current iPhone generations package while… Read More

How to select Bast Apps In your Smartphone?

If you have got simply settled during this world, the myriad of choices is daunting; many thousands of applications accessible, despite platform, Here’s a guide to navigating the ever-growing application surroundings.   What is Associate in application (apps)?   First a definition: Associate in Nursing “application” (short for “application”) is… Read More